Funsho AkinwaleJune 13, 2015

Ali Baba tweeted: “I have nothing against you dressing the way you like, but when you go above board, I am forced to ask, if she has a boyfriend; if she has advisers; if she has values? . . . But remember as African men, we do not like to eat food that is not covered. . . It’s unhygienic and unethical. But then again, it’s her body, wetin concern me? I may be wrong sha!”

Funsho AkinwaleMarch 12, 2014

The event holds on April 30, 2014 at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos. "Makeup in Nigeria Conference is designed to create a strategic support base for every pro-artist in Nigeria to grow and evolve together, with the intention of building our industry into enviable heights,” says Teniolami Adejuwon, Project Manager of the conference

Pam JennyJanuary 17, 2014

Do you know that a bad pair of shoe can ruin a perfect outfit?
Yes it can.
Shoes are central to making fashion statements.
Remember that your shoes can either make or mar you.
Separate everyday wear from the shoes you wear on special occasions.
It is also important to allow your shoes to breathe (Do not stick to a particular one for a long time).
Keep a shoe rack in your home and hang your shoes after each use so that they can last longer. Above all, do away with worn out ones and replace them when the need arises.

Pam JennyJanuary 17, 2014

Remi George-Adesanmi is a jewelry maker and due to her passion for beads, she set up Divine Beads Creations, which has earned her fame both home and abroad. She spoke to PAM JENNY on her passion for bead-making and her love for headgears, traditionally called gele. Excerpts:

How did you get involved in making beads?

It all started during a transitional period in my life. I bought some beads and I was bent on putting them together and one or two of my friends bad-mouthed the business but thanks to my creativity and love for it, I persisted and God perfected it. I have been in the business for some years now and I can only glorify God for letting me express the creativity he has planted in me.

So, you picked it up as a hobby?

Yes, it was a hobby and my passion for it has grown tremendously and sometimes I come up with ideas in my dreams. There have been times that I start working on something and I cannot tell you what I am trying to arrive at until the finished product is completed.

Should beads be worn with every fabric?

Remi George AdesanmiBeads could be worn with every fabric and for every occasion. However, it is important to know how to pick the right styles for the right occasions.

Are there specific things to look out for when choosing beads?

Definitely. You have to look at the quality of the stone, the type of gemstone it is, the style as well as the shape. For me, I also know what I can do with it once I get my hands on them.

Your geles’ are also really nice. Did you learn that too?

I only learnt that by perfection. I cannot begin to tell you how many owambe parties that I have attended and if you have to tie gele almost every time, you can only get better. With your gele, it is important to tie it according to your facial proportion. What fits Mrs. A might not necessarily fit Mrs. B. So it has to be about ‘YOU’.

Do you train people in the art of making beads and tying gele?

Not really. I’m always open to show anyone that might be interested though. Time has not permitted me to do any formal training and I’m not sure if that’s in my future plan.

What are your challenges?

I have none except if God has not paved the path.

What’s your beauty regimen like?

It is important to find out and know your skin type. Use only the right products for your skin. Expensive does not always mean a product will work. Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturise, use very minimal make-up, get a good rest and enjoy life.

Should everyone wear beads or are there a certain set of people that shouldn’t wear them?

Not really. Beads are very versatile and it’s for all. Remember, our grand parents wore corals, beads and pearls. Beads are for everyone but your pocket determines what you want out of it.

Why do you think more people are opting for beads now? Is it more economical than the regular necklaces?

You know it could be for several reasons. It is certainly more economical. However, depending on your style, it could be exquisite, elegant, distinct and classic at the same time. Secondly, individuals will never wear two similar styles unless it is previously pre-arranged. At least, that’s my stand when I create styles for my customers. Beads are very stylish and they speak class. It can be made to your taste and can be mixed with 18 karat gold if you so desire.

Pam JennyJanuary 9, 2014

After a successful career as a model, Meg Alabi veered into fashion and style by setting up her boutique, MD’s Clothing. Not resting on her oars, she followed it up with her label, Alabi Couture. With designs that have strut the runways such as The Africa Fashion Week in London, this fashion designer has surely got the Midas touch. Little wonder, everything she touches turns into gold. PAM JENNY closes in on her.

She studied Mass Communication in the University but nonetheless, she had the drive to veer into fashion and style. Fashion Designer, Chief Executive Officer at Alabi Couture as well as the CEO, MD’s Clothing, Meg Alabi, says that she was inspired by her love for fashion: “I modelled for a couple of years and started out with a photo shoot for my Aunty, Sefinatu Mohammed, in 1991. She had a fashion house at Federal Palace Hotel.”
Alabi and her elder sister went to visit her one day and she was in the middle of a photo shoot and asked her to join in.”I remember that I didn’t know anything about modelling then. There were make-up artistes. I was made up and wore the clothes. Eventually, the pictures came out and I liked what I saw and I didn’t even recognise myself,” she says.
Meg AlabiThat launched her into a career in modelling and it was easy for her to meet the right set of people, even though along the line, there were those who didn’t have good intentions for her career. She would go on to model for 18 years.
Recalling how she started her clothing line, Meg Alabi says: “I went back to Delta State University at the age of 28 because I just wanted to focus on my studies. Every time I am going back to school, I’d buy some clothes in Lagos and sell them off there. So I started the trend of selling things.”
When she came to Lagos, she opened a boutique, MD’s Clothing and stocked it basically with casual clothes and various accessories. She said: “Even before I opened MD’s Clothing, I was making linen shirts because I remember that I made one for myself and some guys saw it and they really liked it. They would order and I was also making my own clothes too. When I wear them, people would ask me to make them using our local fabric, ankara. I decided to continue sewing on the side.”
That gave rise to Alabi Couture in 2011, which she launched with the help of Daviva Fabrics. She says they supported her with fabrics so that she could show people how versatile the ankara fabric is. “It doesn’t have to be the normal Iro and Buba or skirt and blouse. We could actually modernise it to conventional western designs with our fabrics,” she said.
Within a short space of time, the response has been overwhelming for the designer. Since she launched the label, it’s been one order or the other. Alabi said: “A bigger person can see what I am wearing and like it and I’ll tell her that I could get away with wearing a long gown with gathers because I am slim. However, it would make a big person look bogus. So, I’ll sketch something for them but for those who insist, we’ll make something for them and at the end of the day, they would see what we mean.”
Designs from the label have been featured at the African Fashion Week in London among other high profile events. In December 2011, she organised a charity fashion show at the Heart of Gold Motherless Babies Home/Hospice. It brought smiles to the faces of the children. Alabi said: “We sewed clothes for all the children and got celebrities to come and model for the kids. We got the likes of Ufoma Ejenebor, Kate Henshaw, Yinka Davies, Eucharia Anunobi, Kunle Afolayan. Rycado Agbor, Mosun Filani among others.”
When creating her designs, what are the specific things that she looks out for? Hear her: “I look out for how comfortable the dress would be, the weather, fabric as well as the cut. I look out for the colour of my client, her size, shape and personality because you cannot take that away from anybody. I could have a client that is very reserved. Is she is somebody that cannot wear sleeveless? We have to put that into consideration. If it’s somebody that is ready to go all the way out, we could sew something that is short.”
The fashion designer hinted that there is a difference between the role of a designer and fashion stylist. She says one cannot do it all. Alabi has served as fashion stylist to a number of artistes while she was ran her boutique.
She said: “The stylist sees the outfit from head to toe. For instance, I style myself and for me to put on an outfit, I visualise myself from head to toe. I’d style my hair for a particular dress and all.”
Internationally, she says those that have gone wrong on the red carpet are often people that just wear what they want and what they have. She emphasises that appearance matters a lot so fashion stylists come in handy to advise people on what to wear. They have that extra eye. For celebrities, the team should include a personal assistant as well as a fashion stylist.
So, what common fashion mistakes do Nigerians make? She says that Nigerians remain one of the most fashionable people in the world. She said: “If you put 10 Nigerians in a place with 10 people from other countries, you will find out that only one would dress low-keyed. For women, one mistake that they make is that they tend to overdo it. Less is more.”
Meg Alabi cautioned that women should not put too much on an outfit as they tend to do that a lot. For the menfolk, she says colours remain the key thing. Many of them try to dress well but still there are many of them that should be arrested by the fashion police.

Anurika OnyelemelamOctober 4, 2013

According to Isintume-Agu, a petitioner alleged that in 2012, while the suspect was still in office, the Oyo State Government and the Bank of Industry entered into a partnership agreement known as OYSG/BOI fund to create a pool from which indigenous entrepreneurs in the state, micro and medium businesses can access credit facility

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