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Defined as a law and order issue by the authorities, the continued and prolonged imprisonment of the Shia sheikh, despite a Federal High Court order to release him and his wife in December 2016, threatened to make the conflict deep-rooted and could develop into a dangerous Sunni-Shia antagonism.

Godwin Emefiele, the CBN Governor, who has shown capacity and pluckiness managing Nigeria’s reserve bank these past years of global cum local  economic crisis, made this announcement on Tuesday, July 27 while presenting a communique from the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting. He cited unwholesome business practices of the BDCs which run contrary to the rules of engagement thus putting much strain on the naira.

Those who challenged this dominating wisdom were either jailed, maimed or killed. This bully tactics between the North and South had been at play from year dot. It had been there throughout our relationship with these foreigners from the Sahel. The savagery and public degradation they put Southerners who have the balls to call for radical change amount to having the meanest junk yard dogs among humans. Yet, Southerners continue to disagree with the North because their political model of master/servant relationship would not be allowed to take root in Nigeria of disparage nationalities.

Within those four years and some months that I worked in the media department of The SCOAN, I observed a couple of anomalies which I want you to bring to an immediate end as you take charge of the administrative aspect of the ministry. Everyone must accept the fact that the death of your husband is the end of an era and standards cannot remain the same forever. Change, even among the body of Christ, is as constant as the morning sun.

Even the unscrupulous critics agree that electronic transmission of election results is not only strategic in strengthening and deepening democracy but in vogue, the world over. Among others, it confers legitimacy on elections sequel to inherent transparency and also encourages massive participation following the ease and convenience it delivers. And quite instructively, it does not replace but complements the usual physical transmission, thus implying that combination of both guarantees the infallibility of the results. 

 More than any time, since the end of the Nigerian civil war in 1970, the survival of the country as a united nation is being threatened. Although, at all times, there were issues that reminded us of our divisive backgrounds, often manifesting in terms of political demands by sections of the country, this is the first time Nigeria is experiencing secessionist agitations from two groups from two sections of the country – Nnamdi Kanu’s group in the South-East and Sunday Igboho’s in the South-West. These are agitations, which have assumed the forms of civil disobedience and in the case of Nnamdi Kanu’s group in South-East, it has graduated to rebellion against the Nigerian state, resulting in attacks on police stations, kidnappings and killings of security personnel and other functionaries of government as well as destructions of government structures.

They’ve sprouted and taken over every inch of the land ruled by your underachieving regime, wearing the masks of terrorism, corruption, rape, banditry, ritualism and daily bloodshed – kicking Nigeria in the teeth – with no end in sight.