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If the principal interest of acquiring power at the centre is to steer Nigeria and all Nigerians to a path of peace and development, why should the geography of power be such a caustic issue? If the interest of all Nigerians is of consequence why should the axial disposition of power be the minatory contention? Well, except the latent grail of obtaining power at the centre is to pursue regional and sectional agendas, I see no reason for the pyrotechnics and why we cannot come to an accord on where power should orbit in 2023. 

But even as this continues to play out, one dominant issue in the discussions of most members of the parties is the region that will clinch the chairmanship positions considering its wider implications in zoning the 2023 presidential tickets and the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor when his second term of eight years ends.

Some clerics claimed it was N1 billion, N2 billion while some claimed it was N5 billion. When I inquired about the sources of the news, I was told that it was from the local chapters of IPOB who cited sources within the Presidency and DSS. The rumors of the betrayals by Barrister Alloy Ejimakor, Emeka Ejiofor, Emma Powerful and Edozien Madu have been rife since the third week of the sit-at-home order was cancelled, but how the misinformation persisted till date is what I cannot understand.

Talk is cheap! To rephrase it, it is easier to make a promise, but, fulfilling it is a different thing entirely. Once upon a time, Nigerians were told that the country would have food security, sufficiency in agriculture and food production enough to feed her citizens, and in fact, export food items from Nigeria to other lands. A policy was enacted, with fortunes from the nation’s treasury sunk into it. Regrettably, the policy failed; yet, no one was held accountable. Till date, Nigeria imports food and grains!

Before then, Wada, as he was popularly and preferably known, was Managing Director of the news agency for eight years, after working as Editor-in-Chief. The former Editor-in-Chief, who was a pioneer member of staff in 1978 with eight others, following the establishment of NAN in 1976, also served variously as Zonal Editor, Kaduna, in charge of western states, Politics Editor and Western Europe Correspondent, London.

According to the critic(s) of the move by the Navy, which they likened Kano to a wilderness without anybody of freshwater and as such, it was ludicrous for the Navy to have a base in Kano, when the basic element (water) required by the Naval forces the world over is lacking.

Why were the people so effusive in prayers? We were considered as going into unsafe territory, where anything could happen, as President Muhammadu Buhari and his team visited Owerri on a one day working visit.

Insecurity and corruption were staples under the former administration. The Buhari administration rode on a messianic chariot to revise these malefactions. But these problems are still much alive today. In fact, they have been compounded by mass disaffection and ethnic tensions. Nevertheless, the government has raked in some significant dividends in infrastructure development and in whittling down brazen corruption.