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The GTBank Fashion Weekend is a consumer focused fashion exhibition and capacity building event that aims to promote enterprise within the fast growing Nigerian fashion industry.

Ali Baba tweeted: “I have nothing against you dressing the way you like, but when you go above board, I am forced to ask, if she has a boyfriend; if she has advisers; if she has values? . . . But remember as African men, we do not like to eat food that is not covered. . . It’s unhygienic and unethical. But then again, it’s her body, wetin concern me? I may be wrong sha!”

The event holds on April 30, 2014 at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos.
“Makeup in Nigeria Conference is designed to create a strategic support base for every pro-artist in Nigeria to grow and evolve together, with the intention of building our industry into enviable heights,” says Teniolami Adejuwon, Project Manager of the conference

In order to make long lasting fashion statements, people should note that nothing pre-tied belongs under the chin so it is better to avoid the manufactured clip-ons