2019: Former Ebonyi SSG’s son seeks to correct failings of Ebonyi political leaders


Chief Maurice Mbam, son of a former Secretary to Ebonyi Government, the late Chief Fidelis Mbam, says he wants to correct the failings of Ebonyi political leaders, as the 2019 general approaches.
Mbam, who is the former President-General of Izzi Nnodo Youth Forum, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday that he would practice politics of ideology and not the form which characterises the state and nation’s politics.
The Ebonyi youth leader, who is aspiring for the Abakaliki/Izzi Federal Constituency seat in the All Progressive Congress, said his policies would empower the people through ideas and resource-based creative actions.
He said: “I intend to make the youth understand that they can change the political failings of current leaders and make the people realise that leaders can actual work for them.
“The 2019 elections are approaching and political leaders in my area for instance, are distributing wheelbarrows, sewing machines among others to the people for re-election into their respective offices.”
Mbam noted that he would empower the people with the right ideology, offer them educational opportunities to be abreast with the intricacies in global affairs.
He said: “Our leaders are busy distributing these items but unfortunately lack ideas to stop the incessant communal and border crisis engulfing Izzi, my home Local Government Area.
“The council is currently experiencing boundary clashes with the Ukelle community of Cross River, and Onueyim in Ikwo LGA of Ebonyi among other areas and its leaders are bereft of ideas to curtail them.
“Several people have been killed, maimed, displaced and properties worth millions of Naira destroyed, leaving with one wondering how the recipients will use the items in such circumstances.”
He noted that he would use education and enlightenment to liberate the people from the shackles of poverty and ignorance, and to make them co-habit peacefully even with their neighbours.
Mbam said: “I have attended leadership trainings in the US and several European counties and discovered that the shift towards youthful leadership accounts for their successes in all aspects of human endeavour.
“President Emmanuel Macron of France and other youthful world leaders have steered their countries towards the paths of greatness because their intellectual capabilities are backed with youthful zeal.
“Citizens of these countries have accepted these facts, especially their strong and vibrant old leaders accepting the shift towards youthful leaderships.”
Mbam said his family’s close ties with the incumbent Ebonyi Government would not affect his chances of clinching the ticket for the and ultimately winning the election to represent his people.
He said: “I will assiduously ensure that youths stop falling victims of the deceitful tendencies of leaders as I have fallen victim of such situations severally.
“It is a known fact in Ebonyi that I was instrumental to the re-election of several leaders in my area, including the senator representing my zone and even the state governor.
“I told several people in 2015 that I would be the first to be repaid wrongly by these leaders when elected because of my stance that things should be done properly, in the peoples’ interest.
“My words became a reality after they were elected and such occurrences made me switch to APC in spite of the efforts of the People Democratic Party leaders to dissuade me.”