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The United States conducted a training workshop in Abuja, Nigeria between September 19 and 23, 2022, with partners from Nigerian domestic security services, law enforcement, and first responders, aimed at enhancing their ability to investigate terrorist plots involving chemical and biological weapons (CBW). This is part of a series of trainings the Department of State is sponsoring across Africa.

Prof. Osinbajo while responding to welcoming remarks by VP Harris noted that “we very strongly believe that we (Nigeria and US) in the coming years, will need to work together again on so many global challenges that are varied, and they come up very frequently now from promoting peace and security, to tackling global health issues and climate change and of course, economic adversity.”

Kathryn Mayorga was bidding for the Manchester United footballer to pay her millions of dollars more than the £305k ($375k) in a confidentiality agreement she received after she claimed that he raped her in Las Vegas in 2009 – an allegation which Ronaldo has always denied.