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As the saying goes, the wrong we see are oftentimes symptoms of a deeper ailment! Well, it is common knowledge that no country can develop without a predetermined solid structure. Unfortunately, Nigeria has none! Year in, year out, governments come up with pretty and fantastic policy names. But that’s where it ends, simply because those with zero understanding of what a particular policy entails are the ones in government, directing its affairs. While ‘elected’ leaders lack the coherent vision of development needed to implement the change our country needs, those who have what it takes to move it forward cannot get elected into public office because they do not have the means. Again, how did we get here?

But for some reason, we love to think of and remember him as a clown. Not just any clown, but one with credentials. On one occasion when the police were looking for him and it was feared he had been kidnapped, he later emerged to tell a tale of how he had spent 11 hours on top of a tree.

Speaking on “Politics 101 with Peter Obi” platform, Obi said taking on politics as a full time career was wrong and would only result in engaging in unwholesome practices like looting of public funds, accepting kick-backs and other corrupt practices in order to survive.

Apart from its obvious collateral damage, Oshiomhole’s ouster was scrutinised and interpreted for the worst it could mean politically. It has since been widely celebrated as the ultimate proof that the relationship between Buhari and Tinubu has broken down irretrievably.

His tenure as Governor was quite controversial with mixed results and divided opinions. He was a very frank and outspoken Governor who was also very conscious of his social status and the powers attached to his office. He was also quite audacious. He engaged the Olubadan in an open battle when he chose in one instance to transform some high chiefs of the Olubadan-in-council into beaded kings.

Let me start by saying this: I am not from southern Nigeria. But I am a strong Peoples Democratic Party man. However, what I say here is about the fate of Ndigbo in the affairs of Nigeria. I deeply sympathize with my friends from the South East each time we sit out and discuss politics and the leadership of Nigeria.

The Senate on Wednesday passed into second reading an amendment to the 1999 Constitution that would prevent High Courts of a state from entertaining pre-election disputes emanating from congresses, conferences, conventions or other meetings convened by political parties for the purpose of electing members of its executive committees or other governing bodies.