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The 29-year-old former Olympic silver medallist has long campaigned for a fight against Mayweather but with the self-proclaimed “best ever” now retired following his win over Andre Berto in September, Khan has been forced to move on

“I want to thank my family here in Moscow, Russia for the hospitality and my early Christmas present, a rare & exotic tiger from India,” he posted on Facebook. “Any suggestions for a name for this two-month old, female tiger?”
Many Facebook commenters excoriated him and a backlash from animal rights groups urged him to move the animal to a sanctuary

Although Mayweather has already hung up his gloves, with a 49-0 unbeaten record that includes a win over Pacquiao in Las Vegas in May, this hasn’t stopped his Filipino rival of dreaming of a rematch of the most lucrative bout in boxing history

But Pacquiao has claimed he had a shoulder injury, which hampered his performance in the fight, and with ‘Money’ allegedly making $220 million (£143 million) for the fight, the Filipino’s long-time trainer, Roach, believes the cash on the line would be too much for Mayweather to turn down

What made things confusing is that Mayweather didn’t officially vacate the titles, which gave some boxing fans the impression that he would come back in 2016 or at some time in the future to resume defending his titles

“Everything I do is calculated. Even keeping the world waiting for this fight, which would only have been worth about $60m if we’d done it five years ago,” the undefeated American told reporters at the MGM Grand on Wednesday