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Tambuwal said this on Tuesday in Abuja at the investigative hearing on the alleged connivance of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation with Swiss oil dealers to rob Nigeria of billions of dollars

With the greatest sense of modesty, I wish once more to commend you all for the great work you have been doing and the attendant sacrifices. I urge that we belt up for greater sacrifices even when this may appear not to be appreciated in some quarters. I am confident that gradually the people of Nigeria will get to know the truth and it is only then that what we are doing will be sufficiently appreciated

“We are medical doctors and dentist and as chief custodians of the health of the good people of Nigeria, have noted that there is an urgent need to wake up every Nigerian to the task of taking health issues very seriously being convinced that there is a role, sometimes cross cutting, for everyone to perform in securing the health of the individual, family, community and therefore the nation