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Work began immediately. The matriarch recognized the power of the tongue and launched a customized slogan  to turn on her fresh era: “We are LASU We are Great.”  Even as the change campaign has been rather devoid of what could be described as great speed in playing out, it has been impactful, betraying the consistent character of the new Sheriff of LASU.  Follow her trend:

Coordinator, LASU Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations, Ademola Adekoya, announced the feat in a statement issued in Lagos Tuesday.

A statement issued in Lagos by the institution’s Coordinator, Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations unit, Ademola Adekoya named Emmanuel Fanu and Said Olayinka as the new Registrar and Bursar respectively.

Soon afterwards, I overheard someone say now is the time for my immediate past dean at the LASU School of Communication, Prof. Rotimi Olatunji. I was keen on hearing Prof. Olatunji’s reaction. I was really anxious hoping seriously he would like to do it so we can sit down to organise our home front with all the credible and smart experts and take time to formulate a winning formula. I was so confident he would   immediately earn the support of everyone at LASUSOC. I also believe the man with the ceaselessly rising profile would clinch the UNIOSUN ticket.