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If anyone was undecided whether Buhari was at the roots of Nigeria’s worsening ethnic crises in the last six years or so, that Arise TV interview removed all doubts. It revealed a president whose mind is a fertile breeding ground for viral ethnic divisiveness, an infection that is without any possible hope of redemption.

As he spoke, I placed him side by side all the presidents after him, in terms of depth and commitment to the Nigerian nationhood and I shook my head. To place him side by side President Muhammadu Buhari, for instance, would be a criminal comparison. Whoever attempted it should be tied to the stakes and shot

The monarchs in their submission before the Senate Ad  hoc Committee on Constitution Review said that for peace and security to reign in the country, particularly at the grassroots level,  the traditional rulers must be given  constitutional role in governance as was the practice in the past from pre – colonial era , during colonial period and even post colonial era up to 1976.