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The central government has hinted to fund the budget from other means apart from oil which is the country’s economic mainstay. There is even a discussion by the government to commence the sale of assets in ten state owned corporations, a move that will generate about $800milion dollars. There is the urgent need for us to cut our coat to our sizes. If you cut your coat according to your situation, you limit what you do to the account of your resources. Action should suit circumstances or resources. Is there any need for us to sustain the bicameral system of legislature we are operating now?

In the broadcast, he declared: “How did we work to get out of this debt quagmire? We did it by resolving and working hard to break with the past; by identifying new voices and new leaders; and by rejecting business as usual and voting for new values of accountability, transparency, fair competition, social justice, and the upliftment of the living standards of Nigerians. We revamped our institutions and put in place an economic agenda that reduced the role of the state in the economy while strengthening the place and role private investors. We mounted a vigorous global campaign to make a good case for debt relief.”

Tinubu, in a condolence message by his Media Aide, Tunde Rahman, on Monday in Lagos, also commiserated with the family, friends, relations and associates of Martins-Kuye.

Obi spoke on Monday to Senior Security Officers and other participants – Generals and their equivalent in other security agencies – at the ongoing Strategic Management and Policy Studies Course (SMPSC, 3) of the Nigerian Army Resource Centre, Abuja