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For her A COLORS SHOW performance, Zowie, who dropped her single, Project, on the platform late on Monday joins the other alumni including Xenia Manasseh, Bien, Karun, Maya Amolo and Lisa Oduor-Noah. She was also part of the writing camp for burgeoning and established songwriters, artists, and producers hosted by Spotify and COLORSxSTUDIOS in early October. 

Football and music have always had a symbiotic relationship, and for footballers, it acts as a getaway from all the noise and pressure that comes with training and live games. For Spotify, this symbiosis is best shown in the partnership with FC Barcelona, part of which birthed the Barça African Connect playlist, combining football from FC Barcelona and music subcultures from Africa.

30 September is International Podcast Day, and we have seen the podcast landscape continually evolving and gaining traction in Nigeria. The demographic at the forefront of this transformation is Generation Z (Gen Z). With its accessibility and diversity of content ranging from storytelling to information sharing and entertainment, podcasting has become a popular choice for Gen Z listeners.

Running parallel to the “traditional” Gospel sound is the Afro-Gospel genre, which conveys the same spiritual message while infusing a distinct Afro-centric sound. Afro-Gospel emerged onto the scene about two decades ago, when artists like Dekunle Fuji, Midnight Crew, and Tim Godfrey introduced a fresh sonic twist. This sub-genre is currently in the midst of a notable ascent, resonating with a diverse audience and earning its rightful place in the hearts of music enthusiasts.