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To allow someone to say to us that reincarnation is real or is false is being slothful. At best, we can only believe but there is a big gulf between belief and knowledge. This is for the fact that man doesn’t truly know by believing or being told. For a man to truly know, he must be part of what he expounds. True knowledge is in oneness. Before this level is attained there will always exist duality, being the object of comprehension and the comprehender.

According to available information confirmed by Lagos-based businessman and philosopher, Chief Kola Oyefeso, Adebutu’s wife died in a highbrow hospital on Lagos Island on Saturday afternoon

A King sent out a servant of his to a foreign land and gave him just one assignment. On reaching the foreign land, the servant did so many wonderful things, but the one mission for which he was sent out, he forgot altogether. Even when he attempted to do the assignment he did it haphazardly.

In harping of the negative nature of earthly attachment, Jesus taught in Mathew 6: 19-21 on quote: “Lay not your treasures upon the face of the earth where thieves break through and moth doth corrupt. But lay your treasures in heavens where thieves cannot break through nor moth corrupt, for where lie your treasures there your heart will be.”

The subject of GREED could be very sensitive to the few riding roughshod over the masses, but truth must be told irrespective of whose ox is gored. It is impossible to discuss greed without x-raying the lives of our public employees, in view of their position, as the mirror of the society. I will be doing so while maintaining the apolitical stance of this column.

Those who have elevated their consciousness, gone within and drunk from the fountain of eternal wisdom, have come to a unified conclusion that anger that we deem as bad is not really as perceived. They are of the informed standpoint that humans’ application or deployment of anger made it so.

Like the back of our hands, we all know the characteristics of the mind. We are aware of its rabid and insatiable inclinations. It compares to a monkey that continues to hop about seeking pleasure from one object and the other, yet nothing has ever satisfied the mind or will ever satisfy it for too long

Instead of believing or disbelieving this or that, adherents are urged to have an open mind and take postulations even from the best of Mystics as mere working hypothesis or concepts for our individual research. This is for the fact that man doesn’t really know by being told. For a man to know, he must be part of what he knows.

I have explained beforehand my inclination to quote the Bible and I need not repeat the sine-qua-non with the little space I am devoting to this weekly column given the time handicap of the readers. If the readers are ready, I can make this series a daily affair.

By their fruits we shall surely know them. For instance, the word Guru is an India word for Hindus Leading Light or Spiritual Teacher. Mahatma is used for a Sage, such as Mahatma Gandhi. Maharaji is a Sanskrit word, which denotes a great King. It goes without saying that any non Indian, particularly a Nigerian, laying claim to any of these names must have something up his sleeve

Because of this, some are so scared stiff of any assembly that has no façade of a religion. We would rather label some mystical schools such as the Rosicrucian, Grail message, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga, Vedic, Taoism, Pateniali, Christian Science and a host of others as secret societies.

This week I am beginning with the drift that nothing is wrong with any religion. Furthermore, I will be emphasising that all religions have two features. They are the exoteric and esoteric. The readers have the choice to search deep into whatever religions they belong to, with a view to raising their devotion beyond the exoteric to esoteric.

What aptly captures such fixation is the anecdote of a frog in the well and a sea swan. The frog all its life knows nothing beside the well. He lives, eats and does everything inside the well. In fact the frog has never experienced life outside the well. Thus, It believes the totality of the universe is the well.

The moment the baby is able to see, it rolls its eyes from one end to the other, marvelling at the huge and variegated manifestations that present themselves before its eyes. As the baby continues to grow, it thinks everything it sees has been brought about by the parents.