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Anarchists and liars from the pit of hell thought they could throw a spanner in the works of what was a resounding reception for the President all round, when they concocted a story that the delegation was attacked in Kano, and the convoy pelted with stones. Really? Must have happened in their addled and befuddled imagination.

When I saw the media reportage of his Christmas homily for 2022, I observed that it was in two distinct directions. The larger percentage took it from the negative: ‘Kukah blasts Buhari again; accuses him of failure to fight corruption, nepotism, and making Nigeria vulnerable.’

Major denominations of our currency, the naira, have been redesigned, and billed to come into use from December 15. The new 200, 500 and 1,000 notes will be in concurrent use with the old ones till January 31, next year, after which the old ones become obsolete, antiquated, and fit only for the museums.

Whenever I hear that a man has shunned greed, avarice, rapacity, I remember Buhari. Whenever I see anyone pay scant attention to the ephemeral things of this life, I remember Buhari. Whenever I see disdain for filthy lucre, cupidity, Muhammadu Buhari comes to mind. You don’t have them more spartan, austere, and abstemious than that.

That is the mindset of those who continue to talk of ‘worsening insecurity’ in the land, even when things are far better than they have ever been in recent times. It happens right before their eyes, but they never see. It is noised right into their ears, but they never hear.