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Six killed as thugs clash in Lagos

Six persons were killed on Saturday morning when men, suspected to be members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, clashed at the Lekki/Ajah area of Lagos State.
It was gathered that about three factions – the Olumegbon boys, Ajah boys and Ilaje boys – clashed over what had been described by eyewitnesses as battle for supremacy over motor parks.
Eyewitnesses accounts claimed that on Saturday morning, the thugs agreed to meet at a certain area of Lekki/Ajah at about 6am
By the time police got the information and raced to the scene, the battled had been fought, won and lost.
It was gathered that the scene of the fight was like a river of blood.
The wounded had been rushed to hospital, while the dead had been taken away by their respective factions.
The Olumegbon boys were said to have lost four men, the Ilaje boys lost one, while the Ajah boys also recorded the death of one man.
The grieving Olumegbo boys were said to have carried the corpses of their dead colleagues to the palace of the Olumegbon.
The reason for the present clash is still vague, but there had always been an ongoing feud among the three factions.
The factions came to be years ago, after the leaders of the factions started fighting over parcels of land in the area. Apparently determined to win the land acquisition war at all cost, the leaders had gone to different parts of the Lagos to hire thugs, who would always be ready to fight.
These thugs had metamorphosed and soon had different motor parks.
For peace to reign, the Olumegbon, Ilaje and Ajah boys are not supposed to trespass into one another’s boundary at motor parks.
A faction going into another motor park to collect toll, had often been the cause of most of their clashes, if not over land.