Nigeria’s security architecture has failed — Lawan

The President of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan, on Monday disclosed that the current security architecture has failed.
Lawan, who made this known while fielding questions from newsmen in Abuja, said the lawmakers will engage with the security agencies to find why the deteriorating in security in many parts of the country.
He said: “One thing must be on deck.
“The Federal Government, state government and even the local government and in fact, more importantly, citizens because wherever you see security improving, that means the citizens are playing their roles very well.
“But of course, the onus lies largely on government.
“So, we are going to work with the executive arm of government.
“We should engage with the security agencies in the Senate to find why the deteriorating in security in many parts of the country.
“We have had series of engagement before but the escalation now has made it mandatory that we have to have a definite position as a government because we just cannot play politics with security issues.
“Lives are stake.
“Therefore the Senate will take a position on how security in the country should be.
“We believe that the security architecture should be restructured.
“The present system does not give us appear to give us the type of outcome that we need.
“Whether it is the federal, state or local government; Even the traditional rulers or others, the most important thing is to secure the lives and property of Nigerians and we would do that.”
On the on the hike of Value Added Tax, the Senate President explained that 2.5 per cent increase will not affect ordinary Nigerians.
Lawan said: “2.5 per cent increment in VAT does not include items that ordinary Nigerians normally use.
“Many of the items that would now have additional 2.5 per cent are luxury items that ordinary Nigerians use.
“At this point, we need resources to provide basic social amenities that an average Nigerians need.”
On the review of the Constitution, Lawan assured that the Committee on Review of the Constitution will be set up latest next week and will be chaired by the Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege.
Lawan said: “The committee will be constituted very soon, either this week or next week by the grace of God because the time is ripe for us to reconstitute the committee so that the members could start to work immediately.
“We have referred some bills to the them already.
“Traditionally, everybody knows that since 1999 when the Constitution Review C ommittee was formed in the National Assembly, in the Senate, the Deputy President of the Senate usually heads the committee, while the Deputy Speaker is usually the Chairman of the Committee.
“We are going to maintain the tradition in the 9th Senate.
“We have a Deputy Senate President who is a vast, erudite lawyer, who played an important and significant role in the 8th Assembly as a member of the committee on the Independent National Electoral Commission and Constitution review.
“So, we are good to go by the grace of God.”