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The trio and their army of recruits went overboard with their spin of falsehood over the status of the 13 per cent derivation arrears. Wike, the emperor of Rivers state, whom his constituents have accused of running the state like his fiefdom, set the ball rolling when he declared that all the money he’s using to build flyovers was from the accumulated 13 per cent derivation which the previous governments refused to pay but was paid by the Muhammadu Buhari government.

The APC Presidential rally in Warri was nothing but a failed attempt to divert attention from their monumental failure at the centre. The APC rode into power in 2015 promising to fight insecurity, corruption, and improve the economy. Nigerians, including APC members, know that on all three counts, the APC-led Federal Government has been an unmitigated disaster. Nigeria has never been more insecure than it is today. Corruption has grown wings under the APC, and the economy has hit rock bottom. Today, the naira is exchanging for N800 to a dollar as against their promise to make one naira equal to a dollar. Our external debt now stands at a staggering $40 billion as at the second quarter of this year, no thanks to the rubber stamp Senate where Omo-Agege is Deputy President.

Speaking at a world press conference held at the APC Campaign Organization office, Asaba, Thursday, November 17,  he shared his policy document that will form  the plan  to build a vibrant, equitable and prosperous state, based on core moral values of service, hard work and shared sacrifice. He said the Delta of his dreams is one where everyone has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.