Do you have a knack for wristwatches?

Today, a wristwatch is considered as much as a status symbol as a device to tell time

When a man or a woman steps out of the house in the morning, there seem to be one accessory that they cannot do without and that is the wristwatch.
This is one accessory that the cosmopolitan individual cannot do without.
Some fashion freaks are so addicted to this accessory that they seem incomplete without it (including yours truly).
WristwatchAccording to Wikipedia, a watch is a time piece to be worn by a person.
The term now usually refers to a wristwatch that is worn on the wrist with a strap or a bracelet.
In addition to telling the time, modern day wristwatches also display the day, date, month and the year though other electronic wristwatches may have many other functions.
Today, a wristwatch is considered as much as a status symbol as a device to tell time.
Walk into any home or office and you would be sure to see dozens of wristwatches, especially the prestigeous ones such as Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Frank Muller, Jeagar-Le-Couture, Alfred Dunhill, Bvlgari, Casio, Cartier, John Lasale, Raymond Weil and even Patek Phillipe.
These come in both the male and female versions so there’s something for everyone.
History has it that less than many years ago, a man was not seen to be complete without his wristwatch and over the years, the number of those who wrist watches have continued to grow in leaps and bounds.
It has become a modern and fashionable accessory and both sexes find them appealing.
The first time piece was made in the 16th Century Europe and they were heavily drum shaped cylindrical brass boxes
WristwatchesWristwatches have numerous functions but most importantly, they serve as a fashion item.
Little wonder most individuals invest heavily in them, thus turning them into a collector’s item. Depending on your budget, you can be sure to get something to suit your need, ranging from inexpensive but accurate watches to extremely expensive ones that serve as mainly as a form of personal adornment.
Never leave home without your wristwatch.
They don’t just tell the time, they tell history.