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The action is the first major labour dispute under President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who replaced Robert Mugabe in November and whose biggest challenge is fixing Zimbabwe’s economy ruined by decades of severe mismanagement.

Although the country’s land mine clearance started in earnest in 1982, only two years after independence, Zimbabwe is still grappling with the challenge of land mines due to shortage of funding.

The Ugandan herbalists were arrested on Sunday at a lodge in Lusaka, the country’s capital where they had gathered to elect leaders of their illegal association of Ugandan herbalists, Namati Nshinka, Immigration Department Spokesperson said.

The statement said the short-term observers would be supported by team of nine coordinating and technical team from the commission’s Democracy and Electoral Assistance Unit, the Pan-African Parliament and the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa

Ambassador MacRae, in his remarks, said the signing “concretizes the pledge made during the donors conference and a demonstration of the EU commitment to supporting the long-term objective of assisting Mali fully restore state authority, law and order, in addition to providing necessary support to the stabilization process in the country at the political and military levels as well as contributing to its early recovery