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In its 45th annual human rights report, which contains a damning expose on the Nigerian justice system, the US Department of States cites factors hindering the Nigerian judicial system as shortage of trial judges, trial backlogs, endemic corruption, bureaucratic inertia, and undue political influence.

The position of the country, stated by the US Department of State, comes as Africa marks the 56th anniversary of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity, now African Union, and the commemoration of Africa Day on Saturday.

The US programme allows foreign media organizations to travel to the US for about two weeks to pursue a particular story, learn more about the American culture and the US system of government, in addition to drawing lessons that would enhance good governance, social inclusion or economic prosperity in their own countries

The US Department of State, in a statement by its spokesperson, Mark Toner, also welcomed the ongoing peaceful transition in the country and the commitment to democracy by the people