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Speaking on UTD Podcast, the Reds forward made the incredible revelation that he often went hungry during the week, in order to watch his heroes play on a Saturday or Sunday.

Now let’s proceed. The status of the Peoples Democratic Party presently is pretty much like a vessel sailing on the Atlantic engulfed by the raging tempest of zoning. The Party’s very survival beyond 2023 depends singularly on the ability of its leadership to appreciate the existential nature of this problem and to devise the strategic seamanship required to bring the vessel successfully to berth at shore.

Speaking in a virtual interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on the impact of insecurity on migration, Franz Celestin, IOM Chief of Mission, said social media has influenced many more migrations than insecurity.

The Estádio da Luz might’ve been empty for Bayern Munich’s 8-2 thrashing of Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League on August 14, but that didn’t mean there was any less attention paid to it online.