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As much as education grants the attainment of various academic degrees and accolades for various research works, it is more importantly a tool for freedom and liberation. It is the key that opens and empowers the human mind with the ability to demand for ones right and stay demanding until such demands are achieved.

Major Soccer League outfit, Seattle Sounder is set to splash out a whopping sum of N1 billion ($6million) on Obafemi Martins to keep the Nigerian at the club for another two years.

In a nation of grosser and grosser inequalities dictated by a complex amalgam of tiny elite domination, resource cleansing, colonial authoritarianism, unending corruption, impunity, tribal jealousies and distrust, a time must come when there would be a pre-emptive mobilisations of millions of forgotten Nigerians who had been made to understand that their paradise is perpetually postponed