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Country Chairman, Shell Companies in Nigeria and Managing Director, The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC), Osagie Okunbor said this recently in Ahoada, Rivers State, as Shell handed over food and non-food relief materials, as well as medical supplies to impacted communities and people housed in the camps for internally displaced people.

At least the Pope is no longer in charge! Sovereignty comes with the incredible opportunity to birth the state to which Obasanjo celebrates. The condition comes with ownership of everything. He wants us to believe Nigeria is a sovereign state claiming oil ownership in the Niger Delta area. There cannot be two sovereign states within a state, as Obasanjo posited. If this is true, Is Nigeria the owner of Obasanjo library too! Nigeria is also the owner of Boko Haram, not only the Oil in the Niger Delta. We left the stage of religious wars, and the principle of Sovereignty, therefore, involved a good deal of struggle and bloodshed.