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In today’s information society, digital payment is an indispensable enabler of trade. This is precisely why experts have more or less hinged the success of the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement on the success of digital payments. “We need to put as much effort as we are putting into getting the operational blocks of the agreement and secretariat going into getting the African payments regulatory landscape similarly integrated. Payments across the continent could probably be made seamless today. The technology is there,” says Dr. Augustina Odame of the Ghana Chamber of Technology.

To mark the International Girls in ICT Day, 2020, Interswitch Group, a leading Nigerian Pan-African digital payment and commerce Solutions Company, joined the world to celebrate and encourage young girls in the Information and Communications Technology sector.

Interswitch Limited, a leading technology-driven company focused on the digitisation of payments in Nigeria and other countries in Africa, and Visa Inc, the world leader in digital payments, on Tuesday announced a strategic partnership that will further advance the digital payments ecosystem across Africa.

The first edition of the InterswitchSPAK National Science Quiz Competition, an initiative of Interswitch Group, a leading pan-African electronic payment and digital commerce company, is set to debut on television stations across Africa on October 27, 2018.