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Saraki said such a sad development was a return to the dark days of politics in the country which is widely believed to have become a thing of the past. He, therefore, called on the security agencies to immediately commence a thorough investigation to unveil the people who perpetrated the violent acts, their sponsors, and their motives.

In a statement by his Media Office in Abuja in commemoration of Democracy Day, Saraki acknowledged the sacrifice of Nigeria’s past heroes, who have contributed to the development of the nation’s democracy, and called on all Nigerians of voting age to ensure that they exercise their civic duty by voting next year.

Speaking about Saraki on Sunday, during the PDP’s aspirant’s visit to meet with Kaduna State leaders and delegates ahead of the PDP primaries, the former Vice-President, emphasized that he and Saraki served as Governors at the same time — since then, he has always known that Saraki cared about Kaduna State and the North West of the country.