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The trio and their army of recruits went overboard with their spin of falsehood over the status of the 13 per cent derivation arrears. Wike, the emperor of Rivers state, whom his constituents have accused of running the state like his fiefdom, set the ball rolling when he declared that all the money he’s using to build flyovers was from the accumulated 13 per cent derivation which the previous governments refused to pay but was paid by the Muhammadu Buhari government.


“I think the issues before  us and which we have to spend time discussing is what will any of the presidential candidates do differently to expect a different outcome, not what will a Christian or Muslim do,” Oshiomhole told a crew of Arise TV journalists on Wednesday.

Why are we in trouble? Obaseki adduced a reason that it is because the country is enmeshed deeply in a financial quagmire. According to him, Nigeria’s oil marketers should not celebrate the increase in the price of crude oil, especially in the international market, for the expected benefits could be illusional. He noted that major oil companies in Nigeria such as Shell and Chevron are no longer investing in oil exploration.