Ex-APC spokesman to Oshiomhole: You caused our loss in Bayelsa

Adams Oshiomhole

A stalwart of the All Progressives Congress in Niger State and its former spokesman, Comrade Jonathan Vatsa, has lambasted the national Chairman of the party, Comrade Adams Oshiomole, for condemning both the Supreme Court and Independent National Electoral Commission over the disqualification of the Bayelsa State Governor-elect, David Lyon.
The APC chieftain, who was reacting to comments by Oshiomole on Sunday, told newsmen: “The party leadership should look inward and ask themselves some fundamental questions rather than engaging on dictatorial comments which is capable of causing breakdown of law and order in the country.”
Vatsa also exonerated both the Supreme Court and the INEC of any blame over the outcome of the Bayelsa State governorship debacle, saying: “Oshiomole and the APC should blame themselves for the nullification of David Lyon’s mandate by the Supreme Court.
“APC is the architect of its present predicaments if the truth must be told and the consequences must be damned.
“You can only reap what you sowed.
“I strongly think that the party leadership should tell us who were the people that screened the Deputy Governor-elect, Biobarakuma Degi-Eriemienyo, to contest the election in the first place.
“Which paper did he present to the screening committee before he was cleared?
“Or didn’t he undergo screening before contesting the party’s primary election?
“The national leadership of the party owe us some explanations.
“Until the national leadership of our party led by Oshiomole answer these questions, the National Chairman should stop chasing shadows.
“You can’t plant yam and want to harvest cassava.
“It’s not possible.
“If Oshiomole is struggling to keep his job as the National Chairman of the party despite the huge crisis that have bedevilled us under him, there are better ways to go about it.”
Furthermore, Vatsa disclosed that the APC lost elections in Rivers, Zamfara and now Bayelsa States because the party leadership imposed candidates on the people due to their selfish interest instead of party’s interest, adding: “The pains the party is going through today are self inflicted pains.
“Politics of godfatherism is almost consuming the party.
“APC is becoming like animal farm where some animals are more equal than the other, and this not good for a party that came with change mantra.”
Vatsa traced the genesis of the crisis in APC in almost all the states of the federation to injustice and lack of fair play, which he said led to the failure of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party in 2015, stressing: “Anywhere there is injustice and equity, crisis takes the center stage.”
He warned that if the party fails to put its house in order before 2023, it might as well forget retaining power at the centre “because a party where crisis is the hallmark of its achievements must surely crumble”.
He said: “Honestly I am not a prophet, but I see President Muhammadu Buhari going with this party in 2023.
“What is happening today in our government is far from the change that we promised Nigerians.”
Vatsa sympathised with Lyon, whom he said saw the gate of heaven, but couldn’t enter “because the party leadership failed in its responsibility”.