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In some media houses, they softly whisper into your ears to spare a particular government, an institution, a politician or ask that you write a good aphrodisiac for a big man in cahoots with the owner. In its heydays, the Zik Press Enterprises published nearly a dozen newspapers scattered across the length and breadth of this big country and in all cases, they allowed each publication to take account of the local political climate and run purely as a business

I almost punched my pastor one day when he was on the pulpit, speaking on how a woman could be an excellent person in the home. According to him, an excellent woman should and must be able to prepare food for her husband and family no matter the ungodly hour of the day she returns from office

Social metricians will say that the roaring 90’s was the affluence decade when “Pathfinder”, “Explorer”, “Escalade”, “Hummer”, “Infiniti” and “Pajero” crept into our social discourse. That was the outrageous decade when ritualism and ritualists became synonymous with Jeep

In a recent episode published as an interview he is yet to retract, he reminded Nigerians that our democracy is a hand-out by the kind grace of the President whom he said we are lucky to have. This President, he thundered, “has the power of life and death” but that because he is a good man, he uses only 40 per cent of those powers

To strengthen that shame on Northern elites, the likes of Aminu Masari (who ate from the palms of former Governor Peter Odili, Nuhu Ribadu, Professor Ango Abdullahi (a former University don) as well as some former members of the Nigerian Armed Forces who are now stakeholders of the Northern Elders Forum, have also lend their voices to the call for Amnesty for the Islamist extremist movement that has killed more than 400 Christians through bombing of churches, straight-faced slitting of the throats of Christian faithfuls while they attended church programmes etc

Asiwaju should throw his doors wide open for Nigerians who desire change to come in. Asiwaju should use his long undefeatable and unstoppable legs to go to them if they fail to come. Asiwaju should use his golden voice to beckon on them to join the human race. Asiwaju should use his hands that are more than handy to drive the great handshake across Nigeria in order to stop the drift in the land

Dear friends and compatriots, you will recall that in our End-of-Year State of the Nation Press Conference in 2012, we confronted the nation with information regarding the mind-boggling issues of corruption, profligacy and the scared-cow syndrome, including the unprecedented marginalization of the Yoruba by the President Goodluck Jonathan administration, focusing on the issue of lopsided recuitment and promotion in the public service

But if the sheer force and range of Achebe’s fiction gave Africa a voice, the fearless truth of his critical interventions challenged so many myths and deliberate falsehoods about the most misrepresented and recklessly abused continent in the world. Achebe knew, and he tried to get us to know, that Africans will remain mere objects of the stories told by others, until they, Africans, have started to tell their own story their own way

I also remember that televised little girl that was laden with explosives and smuggled into Israel sometime ago, but before the bomb could go off, she started pleading that people should help her dismantle the bombs because she didn’t want to die. It was indeed very emotional watching her live on television

You can humiliate those who stand for me, you can pour scorn on those who love me, you can threaten those who speak for me and you can bribe those who work for me. You can plan, you can scheme, you can assign and you can direct and delegate destruction at my doorsteps and at my gates. You can intimidate and torment and you can use your kingly power to abuse and to destroy. You can make our destruction your eighth point agenda and you can commission your minions to ensure that it is perfected. You can do all these things yet ultimately you will fail because, like all beastly tyrants, you have forgotten the power of God in all your subterranean wickedness and in all your sinister schemes

Your man’s mistress or concubine is most times not interested in you or your home. She has already seen your pictures and those of your kids via your hubby’s phone. She and your hubby just have a sexual understanding or partnership, which helps both deal with peculiar individual issues

To these shenanigans and gold diggers, it is near impossible to accept Goodluck Jonathan and the feeding bottles forcefully thrown away. To compound the problem of those who think that they and their forefathers own Nigeria, Jonathan again was elected president in 2011. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Before the election of President Jonathan in 2011, the country was inundated with threats of violence and making Nigeria ungovernable if Jonathan is elected from the likes of Dr. Datti Ahmed, Alhaji Adamu Ciroma and others. Since the massacre started, these two men and some arrested agents of Boko Haram are still walking the streets of Northern Nigeria as free men