In His presence (2), by Gabriel Agbo

Look at what happened in Exodus 19; when God decided to come down on Mount Sinai to meet the children of Israel. He first told Moses His intention of bringing them out of Egypt: to be a special treasure, Kingdom of priests and a holy nation…

In His presence, by Gabriel Agbo

When we do the things we should do, God will manifest His presence in and around us. If you carefully follow these principles we've been talking about, you will immediately spark-off an unprecedented move of God in your life or fellowship

Power of sacrifice, by Gabriel Agbo

Now, from the beginning, God related to man through sacrifices. After giving man the freedom to eat every fruit in the Garden of Eden, he went ahead to warn him not to touch or eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

Fear not!, by Gabriel Agbo

You are afraid of those enemies because you have not recognized the grace of God upon you. Elisha's servant had the same problem when the Arameans came with many chariots and horses and surrounded their city