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Governor Darius Ishaku

Speaking at the dissemination meeting in Jalingo on Monday, the Programme Manager of the Society for Family Health, Aisha Dadi, explained that Nigeria, its states, and schools have a strong reason for introducing and implementing the harmonised school rules and regulations.

The world is adrift in the tides of hunger and desolation. It is difficult to think about education, or anything else, when your children are not able to eat. And yet, the sharp attack on education during this past decade forces us to consider the kind of future that young people will inherit. In 2018, before the pandemic, the United Nations calculated that 258 million, or one in six, school age children were out of school. By March 2020, the start of the pandemic, UNESCO estimated that 1.5 billion children and youth were affected by school closures; a staggering 91of students worldwide had their education disrupted by the lockdowns.

Matt Brittin, President for EMEA Business and Operations, Google said, “The pandemic has changed the way people interact with news and accelerated that shift to digital. There has never been a time when access to good quality journalism has been more important. This programme will seek to establish, define, and implement the local definitions of excellence in journalism. We will work with the 100 different journalism schools targeting to benefit over 4,000 journalists.”