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Those who frown at the former adduced that the concerned schools presently fall under public institution declaring that discrimination on account of introduction of Hijab in the missionary Schools is uncalled for. This school of thought further hinted that the present owner of the said Schools is the State government and it would be out of point for the CAN and Christians in general to dictate how the school should be run. Pundits advancing and promoting the introduction of Hijab had further hit back at Christians saying they themselves always go against the preaching of spirit of tolerance in the Church as their present stance on the introduction of Hijab portrays them as unaccommodating of other people’s ways of life.

Aliagan, who gave the warning in his Friday sermon in Madrasat Mohammed in Ilorin, Kwara State, said the resurgence of beliefs in family deity or family cultural beliefs “are taboos and abominations with no bearing in Islam”.

This is disappointing and unacceptable and, if not handled properly, has the potential of leading to a major religious conflagration and crisis. I say this because Kukah is deeply loved by millions from all over the country and the Christian community rever and adore him.