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Pa Olanuwun and Pa Adebanjo were close political disciples of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. I had admired their closeness a great deal, studying then at close range. At every meeting, the two would appear in style, a reason I sometime got tempted to tag them the ‘Musketeers’

A few years later, the National Orientation Agency under Mike Omeri launched a fresh campaign anchored on the slogan: Do The Right Thing. Yet the effort met with similar indifference by Nigerians whose attention it was meant to catch. Indeed Omeri’s NOA initiative fell flat on its face as he failed to correctly judge the mood of Nigerians with the poor reflexes they seemed to be getting from the government of the day on the economy and their general well-being. This forced the question: Why?

Tribune’s new office complex at Imalefalafia Street, Oke Ado in Ibadan. The Tribune office had just moved from Yemetu Adeoyo area, Ibadan to the new site. It was an historic visit which, according to the then Administrative Manager of Tribune, the late Mr Olumuyiwa, was Papa’s second visit since he founded the newspaper House in 1949