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Leading this revival is the new Primate of the Church and Metropolitan Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba. He is passionate in seeing christians step up deliberate and sustainable drive to impact the society towards eradicating or curbing many acts of ungodliness bedevilling the nation such as corruption, indiscipline, hate, violence, armed robbery, kidnappings, ritual killings and all forms of immorality.

Having defined “integrity”, there is the need to underscore the fact that whether at personal or institutional level, integrity connotes the same attributes of moral rectitude of positive and predictable behavioural patterns. This reality is undeniably accentuated by the fact that institutional integrity is a subset, as well as a web of aggregation of personal integrity by the people that drive particular organisations or establishments regarding their mission and vision for the common good of the society. At this juncture, it may not be out of place to address the concept of HONESTY. Certainly, honesty remains a key issue at the heart of integrity; be it at personal or institutional level, particularly, in relation to our society of today.