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He informed me about CAN’s vehement opposition to such a ticket and said that the leadership of the organisation watched my interview on Channels Television where it appeared that I was not on all fours with them. 

In his ill-advised publication, Fani Kayode described politics as “difficult game filled with intrigue, betrayal and treachery. It is murky, it is foggy, it is dark, it is treacherous, it is full of intrigue and mystery and nothing is as it seems or appears.” True as this may look, considering the peculiar politics of Nigeria, Fani Kayode was actually describing himself! FFK is full of satanic intrigue. FFK is betrayal personified. And many who were gullible enough to trust him or accord him the benefit of the doubt, have been left decimated in his treacherous trail. He is a man with the unenviable penchant to bite the hands that feed him. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan are living victims of his Résumé of Treachery!

FFK, as he is otherwise called, dropped the weighty rejoinder in reaction to the recent declaration by Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akerdolu (SAN) and Senator Ali Ndume, among other politicians and pundits, who have been articulating and justifying the reason why the ruling APC should return power to the Southern part of the country.

“When that is not the case, the victim’s faith in his country gets punctured. With the country’s might demystified in his eyes, he can fantasize about the power and invincibility of his captors. Is that Amuta’s case? In a country weighed down by increasing insecurity, where life has become short, nasty and brutish, such victims may feel they are ‘safer’ in the hands of the terrorists. We need to do a lot of things in Nigeria to help citizens regain their trust in the country.”