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Speaking during the demolition exercise, the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi, disclosed that owners/occupants of these illegal shanties and containerised shops had been served a seven days “Removal Order” by the government based on series of complaints about criminal activities around Fagba.

Dubbed: “Lekki Massacre,” PRNigeria reports that the incident, which occurred on October 20, 2020, is fraught of a lot of misinformation, disinformation and fake news, to which a lot of reputable local and international media organisations were found culpable, including CNN itself and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

In the Nigerian universe, the EndSARS aftermath and CNN documented savagery of the Nigerian military has placed Hon. Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in a fierce dilemma. Rather than refute the allegations of butchery of EndSARS protesters with official facts, the information supremo, Alhaji Mohammed, is busy gaslighting CNN and threatening sanction against transatlantic informational exchanges between Nigeria and the American news network. Such is the potent power of gaslighting that it demonises perceived enemy, opponent, rival or ambitious upstarts and make them question their own sanity.

In the petition addressed to Jonathan Hawkins VP, Communications, CNN Centre Atlanta, Georgia U.S, the government said if the international media organisation failed to carry out its demand, it will “take any action within its laws’’ to prevent CNN from aggravating the #EndSARS crisis.

“When are we going to raise population control to the level of a national discourse?” was the poser I posted on the social media. In the responses that followed, I saw anger. I saw frustrations. I saw sentiments. I saw despair. I saw desperation and I saw determination.