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A statement by the international medium indicated that BBC Sport will be offering a rich variety of digital contents, exploring the World Cup from every angle, including live text commentaries, fixtures, results, previews, post-match reports and analysis of all 64 matches plus stadium guides and video features, all available on a special World Cup landing page, at

Throughout history and across cultures, information has occupied a critical role in the functioning of any community. Today’s world, with its rapid technological breakthroughs, is characterized by easy access to the gathering, processing, and dissemination of information. In an ideal situation, the word “news” stands for reliable information in the public interest; hence, any information that does not match these aforementioned qualifications does not warrant the name “news.”

The analysis was commissioned by the BBC World Service for their new series, Life at 50°C and carried out by BBC News’ data journalism unit. It reveals that temperatures reached 50C or more on 14 days per year on average between 1980 and 2009, but since 2010 the number of days that has surpassed the extraordinary temperature is now 26.