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During two recent off-cycle state elections in the south of Nigeria, for example, the US Embassy threatened to invoke visa restrictions on candidates, agents or security officials who impede the electoral process. It was not an empty threat and the junket-obsessed political elite knew it.

Modified Risk Tobacco Products are tobacco products that are sold or distributed for use to reduce harm or the risk of tobacco-related disease associated with commercially marketed tobacco products. An MRTP application includes a description of the proposed tobacco product and any proposed advertising and labeling, conditions for using the tobacco product, and data and information about how consumers actually use the tobacco product.

This prodding brought to mind the phone call I had received on the evening of March 20, 2013 from her when she was Finance Minister, complaining about an article I had written about her on a number of appointments that had then been made in the Nigerian economic sector in a major national newspaper. While I had thanked her for the call, I refrained from tendering an apology for what I still consider as the objective commentary I made in that article.