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In 2011, Buhari was defeated by former President Jonathan by 10 million votes. That was a trouncing.
The fact remains that in 2015, Muhammadu Buhari only won because strong elements of the PDP like Atiku Abubakar helped him secure his mandate. On his own, he would have suffered another massive loss. The key difference between 2015 and 2003, 2007 and 2011 was the input of Atiku Abubakar and Bola Tinubu

Given Etiebet’s pedigree, Udoedehe, like the rest of us, knows very well that no one could better fit the bill. He knows also that those who hold sway in the party would not reckon on him to a point of making him flies the flag of the party in governorship contest.

As much as I have a strong aversion for vindictiveness, I also loathe a sitting government using the power entrusted in him to suppress and subvert the rule of law. Fayose must allow the rule of law to run its full course on those answering murder charges in court among these belligerent Fayemi’s aides to teach a strong lesson that power belongs to GOD