Sometimes, I come up with bead ideas in my dreams – George-Adesanmi

Remi George-Adesanmi is a jewelry maker and due to her passion for beads, she set up Divine Beads Creations, which has earned her fame both home and abroad. She spoke to PAM JENNY on her passion for bead-making and her love for headgears, traditionally called gele. Excerpts:

How did you get involved in making beads?

It all started during a transitional period in my life. I bought some beads and I was bent on putting them together and one or two of my friends bad-mouthed the business but thanks to my creativity and love for it, I persisted and God perfected it. I have been in the business for some years now and I can only glorify God for letting me express the creativity he has planted in me.

So, you picked it up as a hobby?

Yes, it was a hobby and my passion for it has grown tremendously and sometimes I come up with ideas in my dreams. There have been times that I start working on something and I cannot tell you what I am trying to arrive at until the finished product is completed.

Should beads be worn with every fabric?

Remi George AdesanmiBeads could be worn with every fabric and for every occasion. However, it is important to know how to pick the right styles for the right occasions.

Are there specific things to look out for when choosing beads?

Definitely. You have to look at the quality of the stone, the type of gemstone it is, the style as well as the shape. For me, I also know what I can do with it once I get my hands on them.

Your geles’ are also really nice. Did you learn that too?

I only learnt that by perfection. I cannot begin to tell you how many owambe parties that I have attended and if you have to tie gele almost every time, you can only get better. With your gele, it is important to tie it according to your facial proportion. What fits Mrs. A might not necessarily fit Mrs. B. So it has to be about ‘YOU’.

Do you train people in the art of making beads and tying gele?

Not really. I’m always open to show anyone that might be interested though. Time has not permitted me to do any formal training and I’m not sure if that’s in my future plan.

What are your challenges?

I have none except if God has not paved the path.

What’s your beauty regimen like?

It is important to find out and know your skin type. Use only the right products for your skin. Expensive does not always mean a product will work. Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturise, use very minimal make-up, get a good rest and enjoy life.

Should everyone wear beads or are there a certain set of people that shouldn’t wear them?

Not really. Beads are very versatile and it’s for all. Remember, our grand parents wore corals, beads and pearls. Beads are for everyone but your pocket determines what you want out of it.

Why do you think more people are opting for beads now? Is it more economical than the regular necklaces?

You know it could be for several reasons. It is certainly more economical. However, depending on your style, it could be exquisite, elegant, distinct and classic at the same time. Secondly, individuals will never wear two similar styles unless it is previously pre-arranged. At least, that’s my stand when I create styles for my customers. Beads are very stylish and they speak class. It can be made to your taste and can be mixed with 18 karat gold if you so desire.