Lalong to Plateau people: Stop criticising Buhari on selfish grounds

The Plateau State Governor, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, has asked the people of his state to stop criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari on selfish grounds.
Lalong sounded this note of warning while addressing participants at the All Progressives Congress stakeholders meeting held in Jos.
He said: “Are you criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari because he is a Muslim or are you criticizing him because he is a Fulani Man?”
According to Lalong, a Plateau State citizen had recently engaged him in a telephone conversation asking him what he has been able to return to the state since he had been following President Buhari whereever he goes.
He said: “And I asked the man to introduce himself, and he did.
“He told me he is Doctor so so so, and I said is your doctor an academic one or this type of my own (the honourary one) and he replied, an academic one.
“I said okay if you actually a citizen of Plateau State, are you not aware that with the coming of President Buhari, over 13,000 Plateau rice farmers benefited from Federal Government’s empowered programme in addition to over 6,670 rice farmers in Plateau receiving seedlings, fertilizers, herbicide, pesticide, water pumping machine and other rice farming inputs from the ongoing Central Bank of Nigeria Anchor Borrowers Programme of the Federal Government?
“I also told him, under Buhari, Mangu water project has been rehabilitated in addition to the expansion of Panyam Fish farm.
“I also said under Buhari the Federal School of Medical Laboratory Technology Science, Jos that was taken out of here has been approved to be reestablished here in Jos.
“And as I was explaining to him that Mr. President has approved the dualization of Akwanga-Jos-Bauchi-Gombe Road and has warded a contract for the construction of Baban Lamba-Nshar Road, I noticed the man already cut off his phone.
“And like I said, most of the request I made before the President, he has never turned me down.
“He has done a lot for this state and to me, if you have a friend like that, I will continue to follow him.
“He recently embarked on a social investment programme, at which I was marveled when I was told that Plateau alone is given 8,669 slots.
“My people, politics is like war.
“You must adopt and utilize your strategies well.”
Lalong however promised that despite of the defections here and there, he has remained a loyal member of the APC and called of the people to support the party headlong and warned against anti-party activities.
He urged his political appointees that have interest in contesting any position to resign to enable them to concentrate in their campaigns.