Jigawa SDP flag bearer dumps party

The Social Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate in Jigawa State for the 2019 elections, Alhaji Bashir Adamu, on Saturday dumped his party for the Peoples Democratic Party.
Addressing PDP supporters in Bamaina, Jigawa State, Adamu said the party remained the best option for the restoration of hope of the people in the state.
Adamu, a three-time member of the House of Representatives, insisted that there were two major parties in Nigeria: All Progressives Congress and PDP.
He said: “No matter how you want to look at it, these are the two parties that have the national outlook, particularly PDP, it has the national spread.
“It has ruled this country for 16 years.
“So the best option is for me to try as much as possible to integrate into a more nationalistic party, which will give more meaning to the hopes and aspirations of our people.”
The Jigawa State politician said he joined SDP ahead of the 2019 polls after he was “thrown out of the APC”.
Adamu added: “Now having done that, I feel it is time for me now to get back to the mainstream.
“So now that we have come this far and the elections are over, I think time for politicking is over, it is better now we integrate and do something that will save Jigawa State.
“Even if you don’t like former Governor Sule Lamido’s face, you know he is the father of modern Jigawa State.
“His legacies are there for everybody to see; politics should not be about our own personal interest, it is about what we can do for the people.”
In a remark, Lamido said PDP was intact in the state as a family during his time as Jigawa State governor, adding that after he left the office most members decamped to other political parties.
The former governor expressed happiness that many had realised their mistakes and finally returned back to base.
He commended Adamu for returning to the PDP and urged his teeming supporters to refocus and continue to reunite the runaway PDP’s members back to the family.