In 12 months, this is how far we have gone – Gov. Emmanuel

Unprecedented accomplishments. One year for giant strides of Governor Udom Emmanuel-Led Adminiatration

The 12 months old administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy.


Since assumption of office on May 29, 2015 and poised to accomplish the industrialization policy of his administration, Governor Udom Emmanuel set sail with emphatic imprints on the geo-political and socio-economic development of the state. Propelled by the Five-point agenda – Job Creation, Poverty Alleviation, Wealth Creation, Economic and Political inclusion, Infrastructural Consolidation and Expansion, the Governor started-off, by putting in place  think-tanks for the galvanization of technical and professional inputs that will interpret and bring into concrete realities, the lofty goals of his administration.

To this end, Governor Udom Emmanuel constituted Technical Committees for the realization of such gigantic projects like the Ibom Deep Seaport, Agriculture and Food Sufficiency as well as Foreign Direct Investments, amongst others. The Committees which had since commenced work comprise of tested and qualified professionals with sound administrative acumen.

The expected results, which are coming in droves have manifested in the massive commercial and industrial concerns across the state, major roads construction and dualization projects, including the fly-over at Ikot Oku Ikono junction, upgrade of infrastructure, urban remodeling and renewal projects, commercial Agricultural schemes such as the Cocoa production scheme, Agro-allied economic enhancement programmes as well as the implementation of different capacity building programmes for the workers, the youths and the women in the state.

All these, coupled with the free and compulsory education policy, the free health care service for pregnant women, children between 0 -5 years and the aged as well as the numerous welfare packages for the people, including the less privileged people living with disabilities and victims of natural disasters, are here catalogued as sectoral accomplishments of the Governor Udom Emmanuel administration within the first year in office.


Infrastructure consolidation and expansion is one of the cardinal objectives of the present administration. With a budgetary allocation of N65.42 Billion in the 2015 state appropriation and N91.8 Billion in 2016, infrastructural development and the construction of roads, bridges and drainages have remained at the centre stage of the Udom Emmanuel administration. This is especially so, as they are key drivers of industrialization and Investors and tourists are best attracted to destinations where adequate infrastructure and corresponding good network of roads and other related facilities are put in place. To this end, with over 160km of roads spread across the state, government has continued to vigorously tackle works and infrastructure with the following attendant achievements:

  • Emergency Intervention on Gully Erosion ravaging Calabar – Itu Road at Enen Atai, Itu Local Government Area by Direct Labour Work.
  • Emergency Intervention on Gully Erosion ravaging the School of Nursing, Anua by Direct Labour.
  • Construction of 3.5km Ikot Udom Road with 15m Span Bridge in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area.

–  7.3m carriageway width.
–  Side Drains.
–  150mm crushed stone-base base course.
–  50mm hot roll asphaltic wearing course.
–  15m span bridge.
–  Outfall at designated points.

Benefit:     Opening of Ikot Udom axis of Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area.

  • Construction of 5km Ikot Usop – Ikot Edeghe – Ikot Ekpuk Road with 30m Span Bridge in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area.

Scope of Work:

–  7.3m carriageway width
–  Side Drains.
–  Sharp sand sub base/base courses.
–  150mm crushed stone-base base course.
–  50mm hot roll asphaltic wearing course.
–  30m span bridge.
–  Outfall at designated points.

Benefit:     Linking up the Ikot Usop axis to the Ikot Ekpuk end of Mkpat Enin Local Government Area.

  • Construction of 5km Mkpok-Okat Road in Onna Local Government Area.

Scope of Work:

–  7.3m carriageway width.
–  Side Drains.
–  150mm Crushed stone-base base course.
–  50mm hot roll asphaltic wearing course.
–  Outfall at designated points.

Benefit:     Linking the Mkpok – Okat axis of Onna Local Government Area to the East-West Road and boosting of economic activities.

  • Emergency Works in the completion of Outfalls and Urban Roads in Oron.

Scope of Work:

  • Completion of ongoing 7.3m carriageway width of roads.
  • Construction of underground outfall drains from   Mainland Lane/Avenue through Bassey Lane,     Effiat Street/Lane to Anwana Esin/Mary Hanney Road with extension to the lowest erosion plain behind Asbestonit Complex.
  • Underground outfall drain, from Convent Street through post Office Road to Anwana Esin by Oron Road, discharging into the existing outfall down Iyamba Creek.
  • Sharp sand sub base/base courses.
  • 150mm crushed stone-base base course.
  • 50mm hot roll asphaltic wearing course.
  • 15m span bridge.

Benefit:     De-flooding of the affected areas in Oron Urban and completion of on-going of Oron Urban roads affected by the outfall construction.

  • Construction of Uyo outfall drain from Nsikak Eduok/Oron Road to Tropicana Complex, Uyo.s


  • 5 Km total length of 2.0m x 1.5m Double Cell underground Drain.
  • 5 Km Service Road.

Special Benefit:   De – flooding of about 3.5 Square kilometer of water – shed area which includes:

  • Part of Ewet Housing Estate
  • Part of Osong Ama Housing Estate
  • Part of Edet Akpan Avenue and Oron Road
  • Akwa Efak Itiam Ikot Ebia and Itiam Etoi Communities, etc.
  • Dualization of Uyo-Etinan Road


  • 7km
  • 260m Dualized Bridge/Interchange
  • 200mm Lateritic Sub-Base Course
  • 200mm Crushed Stone Base Course
  • 60mm Asphaltic Bonder Course
  • 50mm Asphaltic Wearing Course
  • 0m Carriageway and 2.75m hard Shoulder on each side
  • Designated Concrete Outfall Drains
  • Reinforced Concrete Side Drains

Special Benefits:

  • Urban renewal/regeneration & beautification
  • Elimination of urban flooding
  • Free flow of traffic
  • Promotes economic activities and social interactions
  • Reduction in the incidences of traffic accidents
  • Construction of Etinan-Ndon Eyo Road with 2No. Bridges and Spur


  • 4km
  • 2km Dualized Road
  • Dualized Bridges
  • 2km Single Carriageway Road
  • 200mm Lateritic Sub-Base Course
  • 200mm Crushed Stone Base Course
  • 60mm Asphaltic Binder Course
  • 50mm Asphaltic Wearing Course
  • 0m Carriageway and 2.75m Asphaltic Shoulder on each side
  • Side Drains and Walkway in Urban Centers

Special Benefits

  • Urban renewal/regeneration & beautification
  • Opening up of hitherto inaccessible communities
  • Elimination of flooding and erosion
  • Free flow of traffic
  • Promotes economic activities and social interactions
  • Reduction in the incidences of traffic accidents
  • Construction of Ebekpo-Ikot Ebidang Road


  • 3km
  • 200km lateritic sub base course
  • 200mm Crushed Stone base course
  • 50mm Asphaltic wearing course
  • 3m single carriageway with 1.5m hard shoulder on both sides of the road
  • Reinforced concrete outfall drains

Special Benefits

  • Urban renewal/regeneration and beautification
  • Access to areas that were hitherto inaccessible communities
  • Access to a proposed clay factory at Ikot Ebidang
  • Access to the beach at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Free flow of traffic
  • Elimination of flooding and erosion
  • Promotion of economic activities and social interactions
  • Construction of new Terminal Building at the Ibom International Airport.
  • Construction of the second runway/taxiway as well as the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility.
  • Commencement of design work of the ground/first floor at the Ibom Tropicana entertainment complex, Uyo.
  • Commencement of the furnishing of Ibom Tropicana complex.


                PROJECT STATUS

The project entails the construction of a dual carriage road linking Eket Township to Ibeno Township. The major details are as follows:

1.Total Length of Road = 19.5kilometre

  1. The road pavement comprises of the followings:
  2. Dual carriageway with each carriageway width=9.3m
  3. 300mm thick stone base material as base-course
  4. 150mm thick sharp sand filling as sub base course
  5. 60mm thick Asphaltic Binder Course
  6. 40mm thick Asphaltic Wearing Course
  7. Major Features are 6No. Bridges as follows:
  8. 4No. 20m Span Reinforced Concrete Bridges at 2N0. Locations (2No. per location)
  9. One 100m long Reinforced Concrete Bridges
  10. One 200m long Reinforced Concrete Bridges


1Setting outComplete from CH4+025-CH19+458km19.5015.4379.14
2Site ClearingCompleted from CH4+300-CH19+458km19.5015.1677.73
3Sub-gradeCompleted from CH4+300-CH7+800(LHS)

Completed from CH8 +100-CH18+000(LHS)

4Sub-baseCompleted from CH4+300-CH7+800(LHS)

Completed fromCH8+800-CH18+000

5.Stone BaseCH4+500-CH5+800 (LHS)km19.509.2047.18
6Prime CoatCompleted from CH9+500-CH17+400 (LHS)km19.509.2047.18
7AsphalticCompleted from CH11+100-CH15+380 (LHS)

Completed from CH15+800-CH17+375 (LHS)

8Concrete DrainsCompleted length is 35 Nosm6875.004285.0062.33
9CulvertCompleted 35 NosNo35.0035.0035.00
10Bridges1. Completed soil investigation for 4 bridges

2.Completed 2 old bridges

3. Marine bridge completed

4 Completed precast beams & pilling work for Ebanna bridge

5. Completed 2 abutments for Ebanna bridge

6.Completed one span & precast beam for Ukpenekang bridge







  • 41 km Road
  • (15m x 3) 45m Span Bridges
  • 150mm Lateritic Sub-base Course
  • 150mm Crushed Stone Base Course
  • 50mm Asphaltic Binder Course
  • 40mm Wearing Course
  • Reinforced Concrete Side Drains and Culvert at designated locations
  • Stone Pitching
  • Grassing
  • Road Marking and Painting


S/NoWork DescriptionChainageDistance (m)
  1.Desilting of swamp and pumping

of sharp sand from river into desilted


0+700 – 1+175475
  2.Building up of road formation on the

filled areas to required formation level

using approved material.

0+700 – 1+175475
  3.Stripping of vegetation/removal of

unsuitable material to average depth of


1+800 – 2+500700
  4.Cutting to reduce the hill and hauling

material to fill portion

1+800 – 2+500700
  5.Filling with approved material/excavated

area of unsuitable material and building

up of road formation to sub-base level.

0+700 – 1+175475
  6.Stripping of vegetation/removal of


3+900 – 5+700700
  7.Backfilling excavated portion and

raising formation to sub-base level

using approved material.

3+900 – 5+700700
  8.Clearing of remaining stretch to

required width to the boundary.

4+750 – 5+700950


S/NoWork ItemPercentage Completion (%)
1.Mobilization of equipment and materials Required to site.100
4.Site Clearance89
5.Excavation of unsuitable materials70
6.Filling from borrow-pit material60
7.Laying and compaction of sub-grade70
8.Laying and compaction of sub-base60
9.Laying and compaction of stone-base0
10.Spraying of prime coat0
11.Laying of asphaltic binder course0
12.Laying of asphaltic wearing course0
13.Bridge Works0
14.Construction of drains/culvert0
15.Stone Pitching0
17.Road Marking and Painting0






  1. 5.0 Km Road
  2. 30m Span Bridges
  3. 150mm Lateritic Sub-base Course
  4. 150mm crushed stone Base Course
  5. 50mm Asphaltic Binder Course
  6. Reinforced Concrete Side Drains and Culvert at designated Locations
  7. Stone Pitching at Critical area
  8. Grassing
  9. Road marketing and painting



1.Mobilization of equipment and materials Require to site     100
4.Site Clearing100
5.Topsoil removal and excavation of unsuitable materials100
6.Filling from borrow- pit material80
7.Laying and compaction of  sub-base80
8.Laying and compaction of sub-grade80
9.Laying and compaction of stone- base0
10.Spraying of prime coat0
11.Laying of asphaltic binder course0
12.Laying of asphaltic wearing course0
13.Bridge works0
14Construction of Culvert100
15.Construction of drains5
16.Stone Pitching0
18.Road marketing and painting0





  1. Dualization of 28.0km
  2. 60m Span Bridge
  3. 150mm Laterite Sub-base

4.150mm sand-cement stabilized sub-base

  1. 60mm Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Couse
  2. 7.3m Dual Carriageway width, and 2.75m Shoulders (Surface Dressing)
  3. 0.6m concrete crash median barrier
  4. Reinforced concrete side drains/ culverts at designated locations
  5. Concrete outfall drains
  6. 2No. Roundabouts
  7. Street Light
  8. 35m Span Triple Cell Culvert



1.Mobilization of equipment and materials require to site10
2.Setting-out Ch0+000-Ch14+500100
3Site clearing Ch0+000-Ch14+500100
5Excavation of unsuitable materials0
6Filling from borrow pit material0
7Laying and compaction of stone base0
8Laying and compaction of sub base0
9Spraying of prime coat0
10Laying asphaltic binder course0
11Laying asphaltic wearing course0
12Erection of bridge0
13Construction of drains/culverts0
14Relocation of utilities0




          (A) SOPE OF WORK

  1. 4.6km Road
  2. Laterite subgrade/sharp sand replacement where necessary
  3. Laterite sub-base 150mm
  4. 150mm crush stone base course
  5. Reinforced concrete line drain throughout the stretch
  6. Outfall drains at designated location
  7. 50mm asphaltic wearing course
  8. Repairs/overlays of entrance to the school



1.Mobilization of equipment material to site50
2.Site clearance75
3.Excavation of unsuitable materials0
4.Filling from borrow-pit material0
5.Laying and compaction of sub-base0
6.Laying and compaction of sub-grade0
7.Laying and compaction of stone base0
8.Spraying of prime coat0
9.Laying of asphaltic wearing course0
10.Excavation for drains0
11.Construction of drains0



  • Reactivation of Existing Potable Water Supply Headworks in Uyo
  • Reactivation of facilities at Ifa Atai Head works: 


In living the age-old adage that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” Governor Udom Emmanuel came on board with the vision to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the well being of the Akwa Ibom society. His policy thrust on Environment and Mineral Resources is targeted at pollution control and waste management, flood and erosion control, forest reserves conservation, mineral resources development and sustained awareness campaign on good public attitude towards environmental protection.

To this end, Governor Udom Emmanuel put in place, modalities and programmes toward

  • Timely waste collection and disposal in the burgeoning urban centers of the state; acquisition of four (4) new 20ft waste baskets and refurbishment of 100 receptacles;
  • Daily sweeping of roads and regular desalting of public drains to check street flooding,
  • Reclamation of over 1 hectre of land for extension of Uyo Urban central dumpsite;
  • Site acquisition and preparation for Integrated Waste Management project;
  • Gully erosion control and urban drainage construction/maintenance works at Anua, Oron and Mbak Itam erosion sites;
  • Mediating between oil companies and host communities, especially the signing of Memorandum of Understanding, for uninterrupted petroleum production in the State;
  • Prompt intervention at flooding sites at Esit Eket;
  • Landscaping and open space beautification/maintenance of parks;
  • Action plan for biodiversity preservation;
  • Street campaigns and sustained radio/TV jingles for public sensitization;
  • Regular environmental monitoring via GIS and update of environmental laboratory facilities;
  • Building cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations for regulated environmental operations in the State.
  • The successful taking over of the Green Brigade an initiative of her Excellency Mrs. Ekaette Umana Akpabio in collaboration with the ministry aimed at contributing to keep Akwa Ibom clean and also provide jobs for about 2,000 youths
  • Opening of the plaza and comprehensive renovation of the plaza in order to improve its aesthetic and promote it potential INVESTORS.
  • Improved and effective urban refuse evacuation and disposal activities especially within the state capital, Uyo, and waste management equipment maintenance facility at Itam.
  • Maintenance of truck compactors and refuse receptacles which are strategically located.
  • The introduction of state-wide monthly sanitation, every last Saturday of the month.
  • Tackling indiscriminate Sand Dredging activities in the state, in order to come up with resolution and environmental guidelines duly signed by regulators of sand dredging.
  • The introduction of the mobile sanitation courts and up-graded enforcement unit to curb street trading.
  • Site acquisition and preparation for integrated waste management projects at Nkim junction Itam.
  • Donation and delivery of receptacles from Zenith Bank Plc Uyo, to ensure that the state is kept clean.
  • Remedial gully erosion intervention at Anen Atai Itu-Calabar Highway.
  • Erosion control measures at St. Luke Hospital Anua, Uyo.
  • Mediating between the oil companies and host communities especially the signing of memorandum of understanding for uninterrupted petroleum production in the state.
  • Landscaping and opening space beautification/maintenance of parks
  • Action plan for biodiversity preservation.
  • Regular fumigation of the dumpsite.
  • Building cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations for regulated environment operations.


One of the necessities of man is shelter and Governor Udom Emmanuel is vigorously tackling the housing needs of the people of the state. In keeping with the recommendation of the white paper by the ‘Presidential committee on Urban Development and Housing,” Governor Emmanuel has ensured access to decent, safe and healthy housing facility and house ownership by the people of the state as well as map out a well planned urbanization for the state.

To this end, government is committed to providing quality housing and urban renewal services as well as decent and affordable accommodation to the teeming populace.

Below are milestones of the present administration in the sector within the period under review.

  • Renovation of dilapidated structures at St. Luke’s Hospital, Anua. The Administrative block, Pediatric ward and the Male Medical Blocks were given a new lease of life.
  • Construction of a brand new Gynecology/Maternity Block in memory of the selfless services rendered in the medical facility by the pioneer Irish Gynecologist, Rev. Sister Dr. Ann Ward and named after her. This block was provided with an 86-bed Ante-natal/post-natal ward, nurses station, nursery and recovery section. The entire environment was turned around with hard and soft landscaping.
  • 10th Anniversary building was finished as a 4-storey office edifice with over 600m2 floor area and 3 No. access lifts. The office complex comprises of state-of-the-art accommodation for about 400 offices, 3 Conference rooms, Auditorium, Cafeteria for staff and VIPs, and Chambers for Traditional Rulers Council. Other facilities include well laid-out lawns and green areas, parking lots for over 150 cars and heavy duty trucks, staff clinic, technical workshops and service building.
  • Influx of investors in housing development desiring to partner the government in the development of residential estates, designed to be self-reliant in terms of support facilities, commercial and multi-storey office buildings, mixed-use and terrace buildings. Each of the projects is expected to be executed based on a public-private-partnership (PPP) arrangement with the government providing land and basic infrastructure.
  • Renovation of Cornelia Connelly College, Uyo
  • Continued upgrade and maintenance of public buildings


Agriculture and Food sufficiency are very critical in the wellbeing and socio-economic transformation of the people. In Akwa Ibom state, Agriculture engages over 70% of the state’s population with the capacity to catapult the state from consumption – oriented economy to a market – driven economy. With the dwindling fortunes of petroleum globally, it becomes imperative to nose-dive into massive agricultural production for increased food production towards sustainable development.

In line with this, the Udom administration has plunged into massive Agriculture with the following land marks:

  • Inauguration of a Technical Committee on Agriculture and Food Security
  • Resuscitation and sustainability of Cocoa Production in the State through the establishment of Cocoa Development Committee.
  • Establishment of 22 hectares of improved Cocoa Plantations in 6 Local Government Areas namely: Ini, Essien Udim, Mkpat Enin, Ikono, Abak and Ukanafun.
  • Establishment of 35 hectares of improved Oil Palm Plantations in 15 Local Government Areas namely: Ikono, Itu, Ibiono Ibom, Okobo, Ini, Abak, Ikot Ekpene, Uyo, Obot Akara, Uruan, Eket, Essien Udim and Ibewsikpo Asutan.
  • Loan recovery from Commercial Farmers to the tune of N4,062,000.00
  • Revenue generation of N875,550.00 by the Veterinary Department of the Ministry
  • Visit to Obo Annang Abattoir in Essien Udim by the Honourable Commissioner for Agriculture and his Directors to assess the State of Infrastructural decay and ensuring that the Transition Chairman of Essien Udim LGA takes immediate action to address the ugly situation
  • The Ministry in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture commenced the sale of Oil Palm seedlings to Farmers in August 2015 at a subsidized rate of N180 each
  • Inspection of project sites and expression of interest by The BUA Groups of company to invest in the production of Rice and Cocoa in Ini Local Government Area.
  • Inspection of project sites and expression of interest by ONIDA Development Ltd., Green 2000 both of the State of Israel and OMEGA BUTLER Refineries, United Kingdom to establish Agro-Industrial Parks in the three senatorial districts of the State which will cut across Poultry, Green House, Fishery/Sea Food and Crop production.
  • Expression of Interests by OFFAM Holdings Ltd. of Brazil and Harvest Enterprise, Iowa, in collaboration with WSB Consult, South Africa to equip and manage the Hatchery Project at Mbiaya Uruan and the Breeder Farm to feed the project with fertilized eggs for the production of Day Old Chicks (DOCs) in the State
  • Expression of Interests by West Gate Group to manage Oil Palm Infrastructure/Reinvigoration of the sub-sector in the State
  • Expression of Interests by investors to reactivate the Cassava processing Mills located at Ikot Ekang in Abak, Ikot Ndung Udoe in Ibesikpo Asutan and Ikot Okuudom in Eket
  • Expression of interest by International Institute for Investment Promotion (IIIP) to establish Cassava Processing Factory in the State.
  • Establishment of Food Safety Desk in the Ministry with dedicated telephone lines and awareness creation through radio announcements to enable the Ministry receive reports from the public on the sales of unwholesome food products to consumers.
  • Expression of Interests by Union Bank, Ecobank, Enterprise Bank and Fidelity Bank to provide funds for input supplies, agricultural production, processing and marketing under the Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme of the Central Banks.
  • Registration of Farmers and Cooperatives to update the database of Farmers and Agricultural Cooperatives in the State for training and support services.
  • Participation in Investment Conference held in Hotel Confidential in the State of Israel between 4th and 7th August, 2015 by the Hon. Commissioner for Agriculture
  • Organization of training workshop for Farmers’ Cooperatives beneficiaries of the Rural Finance Institutions Program (RUFIN)] across the three senatorial districts on financial management and keeping of farm records under the IFAD-assisted program
  • Flag-off of special cocoa maintenance scheme and training of youths on pruning


Good health and physical wellbeing of the people are major indices that determine the healthy condition of a nation or state. A vibrant and healthy populace contributes maximally to the development processes of government, as human resource is very essential part in the growth and expansion of all sectors. In realization of this, the government has not relented in ensuring that all necessary facilities and programmes are put in place for the good health and survival of the people. Measures put in place by government include:

  • Flag-off of 2015 maternal, Newborn and Child Health Week in the State. The programme featured the supplementation of children with vitamin “A”, pregnant women with iron folate and de-worming of children.
  • Payment of Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) to Medical and Dental practitioners in the state with effect from June 2015.
  • Continuing Professional development for Doctors as a mandatory requirement by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. This development is a prerequisite for the annual renewal of licensee to practice.
  • Conducting of basic Life Support Training for Doctors, Nurses, Drivers and Porters. The trained personnel are to be engaged at public functions
  • Awareness campaign on Non-communicable diseases. Government is embarking on an on-going awareness creation programme in MDAs and Churches on causes, treatment and prevention of Hypertension, Sickle cell disease, Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Carry out surveillance of diseases targeted for elimination and outbreak control.
  • Co-ordinate a 21 day free eye care outreach for people n the state, in collaboration with MTN foundation. 15,350 people were screened for various eye diseases. 1150 eye surgeries were performed and 2000 eye glasses were distributed.
  • Floating a mobile ambulance service in partnership with Nestle Nigeria Ltd. The service which is a pilot programme is targeted at pregnant women and children, five years of age and below
  • Drugs hawking and Control Programme
  • Registration of Paramedical staff Nurses and Private Clinics etc.
  • Training of 48 House Officers from General Hospitals Ikot Ekpene, Eket and Oron. The institutions were given provisional accreditation.
  • Visit and donation of food items to Leprosarium of Ekpene Obom, Etinan
  • Distribution of intervention items and amenities to health facilities in the state as follows;
  • School of Nursing, Anua – 30 students desks, 10 customized mattresses and 10 pillows
  • School of Midwifery, Anua – 50 customized mattresses, 50 pillows and 2 Desk-top computers
  • School of Nursing, Ikot Ekpene – complete water reticulation.
  • School of Nursing, Eket – 50 student desks
  • School of Midwifery, Ituk Mbang – 25 customized mattresses, 25 pillows and 4 Desktop computers.
  • School of Midwifery, Oron – 70 customized mattresses and 70 pillows.
  • Inspection and review of current status of hospitals and public health institutions
  • Training of 272 (Two Hundred and Seventy-two) registered nurses and midwives in the state under the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPDP)
  • Matriculation and capping of 201 intake student Nurses
  • Successful conduct of Central (P.T.S.) End of first semester year one and End of second semester year one examinations for 2014 intake student Nurses
  • Participation in Nursing and Midwifery Council final qualifying examination for General Nurses and Midwives in which Akwa Ibom State scored 100% in both
  • Successful processing of admission of 201 (Two Hundred and One) candidates into school of Nursing for 2015/2016 academic session.
  • Successful processing of admission of 150 (One Hundred and Fifty) candidates into schools of Midwifery for 2015/2016 academic session.
  • Treatment of 4,038 moderately malnourished and severely malnourished children
  • Celebration of World Breastfeeding Day
  • Inspection visitation to Primary Health Centre, Ikot Eyo and Okon
  • Inspection visit to Cottage Hospital, Awa in Onna LGA and Nduo Eduo


Power and energy are very critical in industrialization particularly and for the overall development of any society. Hardly can any sector of the economy grow without power. And so, in his quest to catapult Akwa Ibom State into an industrial hub in the gulf of Guinea, Governor Udom Emmanuel has vigorously tackled power generation in the state to boost commercial and domestic activities. Achievements recorded in the power sector include:

  • Attainment of 18 hours daily electricity supply.
  • Installation of “dead bus” technology which allows Akwa Ibom to be an Island of power supply during national grid outages.
  • Configuration and commissioning of GT 2 to enable IPP operate at 80% of installed capacity as required under the CBN-NESI fund.
  • Proposal to NERC for expansion of IPP license (from 191MW to 670MW).
  • Completed electricity distribution asset evaluation to ascertain the number of transformers and customers on each transformer in every village, ward and communities across the three (3) Senatorial districts.
  • Built structure/capacity for the effective operation of the technical and commercial activities of the power distribution sub-sector in the State.
  • Collaboration by the management of Ibom Power with TCN and NERC for the creation of a work centre in the State – initial six (6) staff have been posted to the State.
  • Improvement of power supply in various communities across the State including Etebi Ikot Udofa/Ikot Udota in Eket L.G.A, Etinan L.G.A, Ikot Abasi Town, Ikot Akpan Mkpe, Afaha Atai in Onna LGA, Awa Ikot Nsong, Nkana Communities, Ewet housing estate, AKBC in Ntak Inyang, Peacock paint industry, Ibom E-library and within Uyo Capital City.


For effective handling of Technical Matters involving massive and capital intensive projects, government policy thrust is to “work in liaison with various project ministries/ agencies to evaluate, monitor, control and verify the projects to ensure adherence to due process  towards achieving cost effectiveness and compliance with global standard”.

Within one year of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration, the following has been achieved:

  • Facilitate site clearing for the take-off of MIMSHAC-MARKAVIM TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGIES plant in Itu local government Area.
  • Installation of Solar powered street light at Domingo Hospital Road, B.G. Bassey Road and Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo.
  • Conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports on behalf of the State Government for all State projects.
  • Facilitate site clearing and ground breaking of LED factory and SHOPRITE (preparation of site for ground breaking ceremonies) at Ikot Ebom Itam, Itu Local Government Area and Tropicana Entertainment Centre, Uyo, respectively.
  • Approval of early works for the construction of a Jetty at Lower Imo River (Ikot Abasi waterfront near ALSCON jetty).
  • Facilitate the effective location and operation of the three (3) Technical Committees (Agric &Food Sufficiency; Foreign Direct Investment and the Technical Committee on the Realization of Ibom Deep Sea Port Project).
  • Set up of Project Monitoring & Evaluation Machinery to ensure prompt and effective update on Government sponsored projects.
  • Facilitate the effective location and operation of the Marketing and Brand Management Directorate of the Governor’s office along Wellington Bassey way, Uyo.
  • Facilitate the effective location and operation of the office of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth Matters.
  • Facilitate the participation of fifteen indigenes of the State in the third (3rd) Edition of the Nigeria Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) Graduate Skills Development Programme – NGSDP 2015/2016.
  • Supervise the commencement of the pilot phase of Akwa Ibom Enterprise and Employment Scheme (AKEES) to recruit Akwa Ibom people.
  • Facilitate the State sponsorship of World Pensions Summit (Africa Special, 2015) which was held at Hilton Hotel, Abuja from 5th-6th October, 2015.
  • Ensure that all public procurement are done in accordance with due process requirements of transparency, accountability and justice for the public good, in order to guarantee sustainable development by reducing waste and obtaining best value for money spent on public works, goods and services in the State.
  • Ensure that infrastructure constructed by Akwa Ibom State complies with Design requirements and with a functioning technical laboratory, the Bureau carries out an “on-the-spot” independent assessment and testing of the asphalt, concrete and soil at the construction site, to ensure compliance in relation to agreements signed between the State Government and contracting firms in the State.


  • Inauguration of the State Joint Planning Board
  • Hosting of the 2016 Capital Estimate Bilateral Discussion
  • Production of Strategic Plan for Akwa Ibom State (2016-2019)
  • Reorientation Workshop for all Planning, Research and Statistics Staff
  • Publication of 2014 Year Book
  • Production of the 1st and 2nd quarter progress report on Capital Project Implementation.
  • Production of the Report on implementation of Sure-P Projects in the State.
  • Production of Bill on public procurement.
  • Production Statistics Bill for establishment of State Bureau of Statistics.
  • Production of Bill on Fiscal Responsibility.
  • undertaken two monitoring and evaluation activities:
  • Physical Monitoring of Implementation of Capital projects and programmes in the State Ministries Department and  Agencies (MDA’s). The exercise which is on going involves, visits to project sites for physical inspection and assessment of relevant documents in all the State MDA’s.
  • Tracking of the releases of 2015 Capital Budget for Capital projects/ programmes implementation in the state (Quarterly/Annually). The monitoring and evaluation exercise will generate data to guide policy makers and other stakeholders to make informed decision.


At the inception, of the present administration, Governor Udom Emmanuel had declared – “Our commitment to industrialization is irrevocable. We know that through industrialization, we shall rewrite the Akwa Ibom Story in employment and wealth creation”. That declaration has manifested in the frenetic pace of events and magnitude of developments as it touches the industrialization sub-sector of Akwa Ibom economy. Beginning from clear policy articulation to the flurry of project consolidation events, and even result bearing indices, there is no denying the fact the last 12 months have been remarkable.

The following are some of the highlights of achievements of government in the area of investment, commerce and industry.

  • Revitalization of Peacock Paints Industry in Etinan
  • Revitalization of Plasto Crown, Aka-Nung Udoe Road
  • Groundbreaking for the establishment of an automobile assembly plant in Itu.
  • Groundbreaking for the establishment of Blue Marine -Light Emitting Devices (LED) factory at Ikot Ebom Itam, Itu.
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony of Shoprite at the Ibom Tropicana; Uyo
  • Provision of revolving credit scheme by the state government to small scale industrialists
  • Construction of Ibaka Deep Sea Port in progress.
  • Introduction of Department of Investment in the new Ministry of Investment Commerce and industry.

To underline its development vision the present administration  re-shaped the Ministry of Commerce and Industry into the Ministry of Investment, Commerce and Industry. This re-designation was aimed at forging a viable synergy between investment and industrialization, anchored on a Public Private  Participation, PPP model. By this initiative, the goal was to explore and promote investment opportunities in the state; catalyze and effectively implement the industrialization policy and take commercial activities in the state to a new level.


Inauguration of the State council of MSMES, on 8th February, 2016 to serve as an aggregator to co-ordinate and guide the government, international development agencies and the private sector in the development of the Micro, Small and Medium-Enterprises Sector in the State.

The Council chaired by the Honourable Commissioner for Investment, Commerce and Industry, has its members drawn from relevant Federal and State Government Agencies, the private, and other relevant organizations, some of which include: Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), Bank of Industry (BOI), Industrial Training Fund (ITF), National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Akwa Ibom Investment Corporation (AKICORP), Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), etc.

A representative of the Akwa Ibom State Council on MSMEs sits on the National Council on MSME headed by the Vice President.


In a bid to create a diversified industrial economy in the State, the government has invested in Agro-Allied industries. One of such is the coconut plantation/refinery, which brings the state government into partnership with H. J. Oil Food Consulting Ltd, a South African firm. The coconut plantation/refinery project is sited on 20,000 hectares of land, straddling Mkpat Enin, Ikot Abasi and Eastern Obolo LGAs. The land has been cleared for the cultivation of imported 15,000 special breed coconut seedlings.

The coconut refinery has an installed processing capacity of  200 tons of copra as well as 200 tons of coconut and palm  kernel oils per day, for export, industrial and domestic uses.

  • The Coconut refinery will achieve the following;

–       Rejuvenation of the palm produces industry in Akwa

Ibom State.

–       Incentivizing the development of private coconut plantations.

–       Creation of 5000 direct employment and 5000 indirect employment within and outside Akwa Ibom State.

–       Increased GDP for the state.

–       Increased IGR for the state.

–       Generation of 4 megawatts of electricity for use by the factory and the host communities.



With government commitment to invest massively in the revitalization of ailing industries, Peacock Paints Ltd, Ikot Ekan, Etinan, closed down more than 15 years ago, has been revamped. In addition, the government negotiated and paid off a debt overhang to the tune of N102 million, owed to First Bank Nig. Plc. This was followed with an injection of N424 million for the reactivation of the company, which led to the re-commissioning of the company on September 5, 2015. The company with a current capacity of three million litres of paint per year has since commenced production. Procurement of  some hi-tech equipment and machines to boost the level and quality of the paint production has been made including:

– 122KWT KBM 242 39 Fu Basket Mill

– Laboratory Basket Mill

– Stainless Industrial Water Filling Line for Gloss Paint

– Automatic Volumetric Filling Line for Gloss Paint

– Automatic Volumetric Filling line for water base paint

– Automatic Volumetric Coding/ Labelling Machine

– Branding machines

– Laboratory/Quality control equipment

– Refurbishing of underground tank and its

transportation   systems

– 500 KVA CAT C15 Generating set.



Government’s plan to fully privatize the Peacock Paints Ltd after recouping the state’s investment within one year is very much on course with an effective expatriate led management in place and new market openings for the company’s much sought after products.

  • With the success story at Peacock Paints Ltd, other ailing industries mapped out for reactivation include – Qua Steel, Plasto Crown, Quality Ceramics, etc.

This bus logistics Assembly plant, located at Ikot Ukap, Itu LGA had its ground breaking ceremony on 13th July, 2015 and is billed to commence production in September 2016. With an operating model of a public private partnership between the Akwa Ibom State Government and an Israeli Automobile company, MIMSHAC Merkavim Technologies, the Automobile plant is designed with specialty in assembling of luxury buses, utility vehicles, ambulances and fire trucks. The plant is projected to engage more than 3000 people as skilled and unskilled labour.

As part of the government’s investment for a sustainable auto manufacturing industry, more than 20 youths from the state are presently receiving training in automobile engineering in Israel.


The Low Energy Devices (LED) factory at Ikot Ebom Itam, Itu LGA is also receiving government attention. The alternative energy stabilizing kits outfit is another good example of Public Private Partnership (PPP) which brings together the Akwa Ibom State government and Romanian investors (Blue Marine Assets Holding Limited).

Since the ground breaking event on 21st August, 2015 Government has appointed a project manager, undertaken perimeter fencing, paid compensation to affected persons, issued certificate of occupancy and handed over survey plans to the company.

The LED factory which is expected to start production in the first quarter of 2017 has capacity for more than 1000 direct jobs and more than 10,000 indirect jobs.

The factory will produce solar panels, lamps, low energy bulbs, low energy electronic devices and parts, among others.




The ground breaking for this project was carried out in December 2015. Located at Awa Iman, Onna LGA, the metering plant is scheduled to begin production in June 2016, with technical partners from China, Pakistan and India. The Plant is designed for the production of single phase and three phase electricity meters, in various configurations and mountings. Other products expected include standard one unit electricity meters, maximum demand meters and smart electricity meters.

At full operational level, the metering company is capable of creating more than 2000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs.


As a deliberate policy to boost agriculture, the State government undertook the ground breaking for a Fertilizer Plant located at Abak, on 4th September, 2015. Programmed to begin production before December 2016 and create more than 2000 direct jobs and another 300,000 indirect jobs at full capacity, the Fertilizer Plant is operated under the Public Private Partnership initiative between Akwa Ibom State and Greenwell Technologies, an American joint venture for the manufacture of different blends of fertilizers, for a wide variety of agricultural needs.


Among the key industrial projects of the Governor Udom Emmanuel led administration are the refineries and the petrochemical company.


Programmed to take off in December 2018 and generate over 5000 direct and 50,000 indirect jobs, the Hi Rev. Oil Petroleum Ltd which is under development is designed to refine 50,000 barrels per day. The investment attractions of this project include its seating on an oil bloc in Oko, Eastern Obolo LGA. The bloc has at least 17 oil wells, 15 of which have been confirmed to be commercially viable. The distance between the refinery and the crude deposits too is short. A primary challenge to the progress of this project was funding constraints which have now been addressed by the government.


With a take-off date of June 2017, the 100,000 barrels per day refinery is projected to employ over 10,000 people in direct jobs and 100,000 in indirect jobs. The state government has obtained all the basic licenses for this project. Located along Eket-Ibeno Road on 100 hectares of land, Resource Petroleum Ltd is billed to attract President Muhammadu Buhari to its ground breaking, considering the sheer scale of the project.


Fabricated about eight years ago, the Amakpe Refinery sited at Ikot Usekong, Eket LGA, is warehoused by its manufacturer in Pasedena, Texas, USA. Conceived to be the trailblazer in privately owned oil refinery, Amakpe Refinery comes with a capacity of 6,000 barrels per day, expandable to 12,000 barrels per day and a job prospect of over 2000 direct jobs and 5000 indirect jobs.


The 1.5billion dollar methanol plant located at Ibeno was initiated by Mr. Jim Ovia, the chairman of Quantum Petrochemicals Company Ltd as a fine example of private sector participation in the industrialization policy drive of the present administration. The ground breaking for this project was done by then President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on 14th August 2014. Billed to take off in the final quarter of 2017, the Petrochemical plant is projected to generate more than 100,000 skilled and unskilled jobs when completed. Aware of the enormous importance of this project in the industrialization agenda, the state government has done the needful for the actualization of the project. These include the conduct of environmental impact assessment, issuance of certificate of occupancy and provision of more land to the promoters of the company for the building of an estate for staffers.


Fully conscious of the critical nexus, globally, between deep seaport and industrialization, the present government invested massive effort from the get go in the deep sea port project. Around the world, deep sea ports drive industrialization and multiple economic activities, while the economic activities in turn drive the seaports. This unique development potential, in addition to the monumental job prospects, has made the Ibom Deep Sea Port (IDSP) a huge part of the state’s industrialization agenda. For this reason, the government put together a 10 member Ibom Deep Sea Port implementation committee, called the Technical Committee for the Realization of Ibom Deep Sea Port (TEIDSP). Governor Udom Emmanuel has iterated and re-iterated to the TC-IDSP and other development partners that the take off date for the IDSP is December 2018. The IDSP is designed to be a self sustaining commercial city with oil and gas support services and to maximize the immense maritime potentials of Akwa Ibom State as a major littoral State, with the longest coastline in Nigeria. IDSP is configured to accommodate off shore oil and gas development; offshore joint ventures with companies in Scotland, Brazil and South Korea; construction of supply boats for off shore oil operation; fabrication of off shore cranes; repair and maintenance of offshore equipment and facilities; production of wet Christmas tree; supply of subsea manifolds and construction of oil platform jackets for oil production systems.

Other operations and activities compatible with the configuration of the IDSP include FSPO fabrication and the export oriented Ibom Liquefied Natural Gas Plant. The Deep seaport is designed to connect the 1000km railway extension line into the Niger Delta, from Kano, which will run from Port Harcourt to Aba through Uyo to the Deep Sea Port.

To underscore its unflagging commitment to the project, the State Government has appointed Transaction Advisors, designers of the Industrial city; issued the certificate of occupancy, signed the contract for the Full Business Case and endorsed an memorandum of understanding with CCECC.



In the last twelve months, Governor Udom Emmanuel has secured a license from the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) for the State to increase its production of electricity from 190 mega watts to 685 mega watts. The government has also invested tremendously in the building of transmission lines and power substations to enable the power supplied by Ibom Power Nigeria Ltd to be evacuated to consumers.

On the transmission line that links Ibom Power Ltd to the National grid alone, the government expended 22 million dollars which the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) is expected to refund before assuming ownership of the transmission line, in tandem with the National Energy Policy. The State Government has equally signed an MOU with Tricap Investments, a private investor, for the generation of power in Akwa Ibom State to further boost the power subsector for industrialization.

Ibom Power Plant reception Of Additional Megawatt License


Akwa Ibom Investment Corporation (AKICORP), formerly known as Akwa Ibom Industrial & Promotion Council (AKIIPOC), was established by Law enacted by the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly in 2012.

The functions and powers of the Corporation, as contained in the Law, include among others: Promoting Entrepreneurship in the State through capacity building; Facilitating industrialization by adopting Public-Private-Partnership, PPP, Model and Management of the State government’s  Investment Portfolio among others.

AKICORP, is therefore the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for investment promotion, entrepreneurship and accelerated industrial development.

In driving the industrialization process of government, the corporation has continued to translate the industrial and entrepreneurial blueprint of the State into tangible reality. Within the period under review, AKICORP has recorded the following achievements:

  • Qua Steel Industry: The moribund Qua Steel industry, is under – going resuscitation for the production of 300 Tonnes/Year steel products.
  • Signing of Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs): The

present administration, through AKICORP, has signed several MoUs and attracted over 20 foreign direct investments into the State. All these projects will create employment for the teeming unemployed youths of the state.

  • Brokering of peace in Aka Offot Industrial Estate/Banking Layout: AKICORP, during the period under review, has been able to initiate and broker a peace process amongst the four communities of Aka Offot Industrial Estate/Banking Layout (housing Champion Breweries Plc). The dispute over the ownership of land covering this Estate/Layout had lingered for about 40 years, even claiming lives and, oftentimes, disrupting production activities of Champion Breweries. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Akwa Ibom State Government and Aka Offot Community, on the one hand, and Nung Oku, Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan and Itiam Ikot Ebia, on the other. The MoU was signed by the Village Heads and Youth Leaders of each of the four communities. This achievement has been described as an ‘unprecedented feat in the settlement of the age long tussle’.
  • Hosting of Chinese Government Trade Delegation: As part of efforts to attract investors within and outside the country, towards boosting the industrialization process, AKICORP hosted the Chinese Government Trade Delegation in the State. The visit was aimed at negotiating economic and trade opportunities that were of mutual benefits to both Akwa Ibom State and China.
  • Pre-qualification of 32 Investment Proposals for Bank of Industry (BOI) funding: Fully aware that, the growth of the state economy depends largely on the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), AKICORP has, during the period under review, pre-qualified 32 investment proposals, to benefit from the Bank of Industry (BOI) funding.
  • Appraisal of over 100 Investment Proposals in some strategic industries: Towards paving a pathway to Industrialization, AKICORP has appraised over 100 investment proposals in some strategic industries geared at the establishment of strategic industries across the length and breadth of the State.
  • Specially Trained 45 Youths on Roofing Sheets and Ceiling Manufacturing: In readiness for the smooth and successful take-off of industrialization in the State, AKICORP has, in collaboration with Onna Youth Industrial Association, partnered Eternit Nig. Ltd in the training of 45 youths in the areas of roofing sheets and ceiling manufacturing as well as carpentry.
  • Twenty (20) Electrical & Mechanical Engineers for Manpower development: The Engineers are set to depart to the Netherlands for manpower development on Generator plant. On completion, they will work in Small World Project’s Silent Generator Plant to be sited in Aka Offot Industrial Estate/Banking Layout in Uyo.
  • Business Presentations: Almost on daily basis, Business Presentations are made by both local and foreign investors, thus, providing the much needed enterprise development support services.

In addition, AKICORP has also recorded the following to its credit:

  • Restructuring the financial system of Universal Energy Resources Ltd, aimed at enhancing accountability and stewardship.
  • Working with Ministry of Economic Development to formulate Investment Policies in the State, aimed at encouraging patronage of State-owned Enterprises, like Anchor Insurance Company Plc.
  • Post rights issue investment monitoring and implementation activities in Champion Breweries Plc.
  • Restructuring and assigning of new management to the State Government’s Investment Portfolio in Blue Chips.
  • Visit and inspect all government’s investments to determine their state of functionality.
  • Gazettes AKICORP’s Law.

Also, during the period government has:

  • Developed an international standard AKICORP Website for Foreign Direct Investment/Investors. See
  • Remodeled restructured AKICORP to mirror expected international standard for investors.
  • Trained Staff and Management and instituted monthly Management Meeting for strategic planning and direction.
  • Renovated and furnished all offices.
  • Reached the concluding stage of a Sister-State-Relationship between Akwa Ibom State and the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, to enhance economic empowerment, transfer and social ties.


Tourism is described globally as the fastest growing source of revenue generating machinery, second only to oil, which is fast losing its glory with the current crash in the prices of petroleum. With this realization, Governor Udom Emmanuel, had on assumption of office, drawn a development blueprint targeted at the development of culture and tourism for wealth creation, youth empowerment, socio-economic transformation and direct foreign investment.

In order to actualize the blueprint, government evolved policies and programmes targeted at providing the enabling environment for the attainment of the goal. To this end, government has ensured adequate exposure of the abundant natural endowments and potentials of the state to global searchlight to attract national and international patronage.

Accordingly, within the period under review, the present administration has approved the state’s participation in National and International culture, art and tourism fiestas and competitions, with commendable and excellent performances and prizes.

Below are the laudable feats recorded by the Udom Emmanuel administration in the culture and tourism sub – sector.

  • Production of a state Tourism guide, chronicling the state’s culture and tourism development attractions and abundant potentials for tourists and investors
  • Interaction with stakeholders in the Culture and Tourism Sector including Ibom Tourism Association, Actors Guild of Nigeria, Tourism Practitioners, among others.
  • Hosting of the maiden Akwa Ibom mini-Cultural Carnival tagged “Mbire Nnyin” in collaboration with Ibom Tourism Association.
  • Participation at the 2015 African Arts and Craft Expo (AFAC) in Abuja.
  • Participation in the World Travel Market (Excel London), which is an international tourism exhibition market in London, where the abundant arts and craft potentials of the state were exhibited as well as marketed the tourism potentials to attract foreign investment.
  • Participation in the AKWAABA Fair in Lagos, which provided government the opportunity to exhibit the rich arts, crafts and tourism potentials of the state to the global market.
  • Discussions with a consultant, Whichwish Koncept Ltd, towards producing a Tourism Master Plan for the state. The Master Plan is to provide the needed framework to stimulate robust tourism engagements to generate employment and create wealth for the people.
  • Discussions with investors from South Africa and Israel for investment in tourism related areas in the state.
  • Discussions and meetings with a consultant, Jenesses Mega Tech Ltd Company for the hosting of Ibom Foods and Beverages Fair , IFBF, billed for later part of 2016 in the state.
  • Meeting with the Akwa Ibom Hotel Proprietors’ Association (AHPA) to deliberate on the boosting of hospitality industry in the state
  • Hosting of a culture and tourism carnival in Itu, tagged “Uku Itu” 2015, in collaboration with Itu local government.    
  • Repositioning and strengthening of operations of Le ’Meridien Ibom Hotels and Golf Resort as well as renovation with designs from Starwood headquarters.
  • Redesigning of Ibom Unity Park for transformation into a World-Class Festival Village
  • Effective coordination of Council for Arts and Culture, CAC, and Hotels Management Board, HTB, for enhanced marketing of the State’s culture and tourism resources.
  • Attended the African Festival of Arts and Culture exhibition (AFAC EXPO 2015)


In the education sector, Governor Udom Emmanuel has ensured the provision of an enabling environment to motivate both the teachers and students for optimal performance and output as well as attract investors to boost the sector. This is in addition to the on-going free and compulsory education policy for all children in the state, from the primary school to the senior secondary school level.

The under listed are the achievements recorded in the education sub-sector.

  • Consultations with stakeholders in public and private tertiary institutions, to streamline, reposition and stabilize the school system.
  • Dialogue with Unions in the state tertiary institutions to stem labour unrest.
  • Inspection of schools to monitor teaching and learning to ensure compliance with the benchmark set by government.
  • Inspection of schools and other educational establishments to ascertain their present state for possible infrastructural update.
  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding, (MOU) with Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) with specific mandate to promote widespread availability and usage of telecommunication and ICT services in the state.
  • Camping and training of 200 athletes sponsored by NNPC/MPN Joint Ventures.
  • Consolidation with BRACED Commission and Samsung in establishing ICT Academy in the State.
  • Subvention is paid at N100 per pupil and N300 per student and has been paid for the 1st term 2015/2016 to all school Heads in Akwa Ibom Public Primary/Secondary schools at a total sum of Two Hundred and Thirty Five Million Naira (N235,000,000.00).
  • Prompt payment of salaries/emoluments of Teachers including the release of promotion to teachers.
  • Celebration of World Teachers day in AKS.
  • Donation of laptops/funds for internet connection for pupils/students/schools for students who recited the Dakkada creed during the 1st October celebration, 2015 celebrations.
  • Distribution of laptops to 2012/2013 Law school students. Other agencies have also distributed laptops to parastatals of the Ministry e.g. Adult education Centre by UNICEF and public secondary schools by Universal Service Provision fund.
  • Payment of Examination fees- WAEC, NABTEB for students in all Public Secondary Schools, in the State.
  • Sponsorship of indigenes for specialized courses overseas. Recently 30 of the students graduated in India in Post Graduate Studies and have returned home to add value to the education system.
  • Akwa Ibom State contingent won the 1st Position in the National STAN Science quiz competition held in Awka, Anambra State.
  • Wining 3rd position prize in the yearly Maltina Teacher of the year awards by a teacher from one of the Public schools, in the state, Mr. Daniel Udiong (Chemistry) from Northern Annang Comprehensive Secondary school, Etim Ekpo
  • Provision of a Model Sports Academy at West Itam Secondary School to boost extra-curricular activities in the school.
  • Training of Principals/Teachers by Ministry of Education and NERDC on the new educational curriculum
  • Capacity building for Some Principals in Public Secondary Schools in the state by sending them to the National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), Ondo State for a workhop.
  • STAN in collaboration with Mobil had a 4 day training for 800 teachers (400 primary and 400 secondary).
  • MDG/NTI training for Primary school teachers at Summit Complex Hotels, Uyo. This was a residential training.
  • Capacity building workshop by Counselling Association of Nigeria (Cason) for counsellors, Principals and Vice Principals of Public
  • For stability in AKSU, Government approved an upward review of the Monthly Subvention and also approved payment of salary of the 279 staff recruited in 2013.


  • Effective internal checks and control to enhance accountability and transparency
  • Up to date with teachers promotion
  • Appointment, posting and appropriate placement of Principals general and vice principals
  • Regular inspection and supervision of schools and Local Education Committees across all areas of the state
  • Promotions, conversions and confirmation have been done for deserving staff
  • Proper and timely handing/taking-over of zonal offices/schools due to transfers of zonal directors/principals general
  • Investigation and protection of the property of the secondary schools board from trespassers
  • Facilitating the participation of schools in competitions like Shell cup championship, Etiebet football competition and basketball championship
  • Ensuring 80% compliance with service rules on punctuality, truancy and loitering at the board’s headquarters and the field
  • Statistical analysis of students performance in external examinations
  • Launch Dakkada transformation, spiritual rebirth and re-orientation campaign in schools and LECs.


  • Continuation of the Free and Compulsory Education policy to all students in Technical colleges.
  • Payment of examination fees for NABTEB, NTC/NBC examination fees for all students in public Technical Colleges.
  • Provision of conducive learning environment through constant monitoring of academic activities and the recent approved renovation works at    Government Technical Colleges – Abak.
  • Prompt payment of subvention to run Technical Colleges.
  • Donation of 20 pieces of laptop computer and One Million Naira for internet facility to be installed in Government Technical College – Ewet.


The success of any government or organization is pivoted to a greater extent on the harmonious relationship between the authorities and the labour. In realization of this, the Udom Emmanuel administration has put in place manpower development and capacity building programmes to ensure a sustained cordial working relationship between the state government and labour for a smooth running of government machinery.

To this end, the following has been recorded within the period under review:

  • Sustenance of peace and industrial harmony in the state
  • Introduction of social dialogue policy for resolution of conflicts in the state
  • Sponsorship of Rain School for Labour leaders
  • Putting in place modalities for Capacity building/Skill development as well as Job creation and development


  • Workers in the state service have enjoyed up to date payment of salaries and allowances.
  • Payment of 10 years arrears of Pensions and gratuity to retired teachers.
  • payment of Consolidated Salary (CONMES) to Doctors.
  • Payment of CONHES, Consolidated Salary Structure, approved in August 2014, to Nurses, effective June 01, 2015.
  • Massive training and re-training programme for junior level officers.
  • E-learning programme and staff exchange with counterparts in private and other multi-national corporations
  • Workforce skill gap planning programme.


Under general services, government has recorded various achievements as highlighted below:

  • Junior Staff Recruitment:

Four Hundred (400) Junior Staff from salary grade level 02 – 06 have been recruited as approved by His Excellency the Governor.

  • Senior Staff Promotion:

Six Hundred and Sixty-nine (669) staff from Salary Grade Level 06 – 16 have been screened and recommended for promotion to the next higher ranks with effect from 1/1/2015 and have been forwarded to Civil Service Commission.

  • Housing:

As part of the responsibilities of government to provide shelter to its numerous departments and extra-ministerial departments, the following has been in this respect:

(i)     Renovation of Government hired properties   –       N429,097,195.18

  • New Properties hired by Akwa Ibom State Government

–    N470,236,644.00

(iii)    Federal Government Ministry/Department/

Agency’s office accommodation: Rented by Akwa Ibom State Government

        Further more, government has also granted approval to provide accommodation to the under – listed Federal government establishments.







Payment of Rent to Landlords: A total of N444,435,090.10 (Four Hundred and Forty-four Million, Four Hundred and Thirty-five Thousand and Ninety Naira, Ten Kobo) has been approved and disbursed to Landlords.


  • Resuscitation of AKBC-TV transmission
  • Groundbreaking for DAAR Communications broadcasting facility
  • at Midim in Abak
  • Photography and Film Production skill development programme for 329 youths


  • The Ministry in partnership with Rocky Feller Foundation, trained 1000 unemployed youths of the State on micro work to enable them source for jobs online.
  • Training of 1000 unemployed young graduates of the State on Oracle data base Administration. The certification exam is ongoing at the Ibom – e- library.
  • Recently received approval for a Pearson VUE E- testing Centre, which means upto 48 e- examinations under-taken by Pearson VUE would be conducted in the State at the Ibom e-_ library.
  • Rebranding and repositioning of the Ibom e- library to redefine reading experience, this include the robust e- resources and general maintenance.
  • Commencement of installation of Internet facilities in Government House, Ministry of Science and Technology and Idongesit Nkanga Secretariat.
  • Accreditation of ICT Academy of the Ministry of Science and Technology by JAMB as one of its Centers and successfully conducted this year’s JAMB examination.
  • Establishment of centre for Renewable and Energy Efficiency at the Ministry’s Headquarters, 84 Obio Imo Street Uyo. The centre is responsible for implementation and renewable of Energy Efficiency policy in the State.
  • Obtained licenses from Federal Ministry of Environment and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to render service to oil industry in the category of:
  • Environmental Quality Monitoring
  • Bio Monitoring.

–   Onshore Environmental services

–    Environmental Assessment studies (EIA, EER EAR PIA).

  • Graduation of 300 unemployed graduates of the State origin on Graduate Assistance Programme (GAP). The programme is in partnership with Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited.
  • Oracle training on computer software management for youths.
  • Establishment of ICT Academy for Civil Servants and youths in the State.
  • Training of 150 Civil Servants on computer application and networkin
  • Training of children between ages 5 – 18 on computer appreciation and networking


With the covetous nature of land as a critical factor in the socio-economic development of the state, government has continued to put in place policies and processes for the maximum protection and effective utilization of land. The numerous demands for land for such purposes like; farming, housing, entrepreneurial activities, construction of projects, training exercises  and aesthetics, among others, has made land administration paramount in the scheme of governance.

To this end, the Udom Emmanuel administration, has put in place numerous procedures for efficient allocation and supervision of available land in the state.

Achievements so far in this sector include:

  • Acquisition of land for overriding public interest:
  • Lands have successfully been acquired for various government projects such as: 1 hectare of land for industrial Estate at Mbak Itam II, Itu LGA, with site layout and survey plan prepared;
  • 2 hectares of land for Metre based facility business case box and Metre assembly factory, at Awa Iman, Onna        LGA, with site plan prepared. Payment of compensation to owners of expropriated interests; notice of revocation of  rights of occupancy issued and gazetted;
  • 73 hectares of land acquired at Iba Oku, Uyo, for the relocation of the police station from Wellington Bassey way, Uyo and for other government projects;
  • 05 hectares of land acquired at Ikot Oku Ikono for      new   mechanic village;
  • 26 hectares of land acquired for Quantum     petrochemical       (methanol complex) and other government project at Ntiakang, Ibeno LGA, with site layout plan prepared;


  • I hectare of land for blue marine factory industrial Estate

at MbakItam II, ItuLGA;with site layout plan and survey plan



  • 3,200 square metres of land was reclaimed from trespassers at ItiamEtoi, Uyo for transformer substation.


  • Negotiations are ongoing for acquisition of 1,300 hectares

of land in each of the 31 Council areas of the State

for agricultural development;


  • 02 hectares of land acquired for school of Aviation

and other government projects, at Ndon Ebom, Uruan

LGA, with site layout plan prepared.



  • Establishment of Estates/ Provision of site and Service Scheme


From creation, successive governments had embarked on acquisition of land for the establishment of Estates across the State.

Corollary, Estates are established for such purposes as residential, commercial or industrial. In this regard, government has within the last quarter of 2015, undertaken the following:


  • strategically acquired lands for industrial Estates at:

NdonEbom in Uruan LGA, Ntiakang in Ibeno LGA, Mbak Itam II in Itu LGA and Awa Iman in Onna LGA.


  • Subsisting cases of encroachment by host communities on the residential Estates at Iba Oku in Uyo LGA and Nung Ette village in Ibesikpo/Asutan LGA, so reclaimed them for government, are being settled.


  • Acquired commercial estates at Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo LGA, Ikot Oku Ikono, Uyo LGA, Nduetong, Afaha Oku in Uyo, Itam in Itu LGA and Ikot Ada Idem in Ibiono Ibom LGA.


Preparation of Certificates Of Occupancy (C OF O) and Processing/ Registration of other Land Instruments:


Certificates of occupancy and other title documents are important in ensuring investment capital. In recognition of this, timely processing of certificates of occupancy has received government priority attention.


  • Completion of topographical survey of site for Minshar Digital Ltd, Ikot Ukap, Ekim and Obong Itam, Itu LGA.


  • Completion of survey of site for Metering Solutions Manufacturing Services Limited, Awa Iman, ONNA LGA.


  • Completion of survey of site for Quantum Petrochemical (Methanol) Plant, Ntaikang, Ibeno LGA.


  • Completion of survey of site for OSTIM Industrial Complex, Enwang and Unyenhe, Mbo LGA.


  • Completion of survey site for Nigerian Ports Authority, Mbo and Ibeno LGA.


  • Layout survey of site for Government Residential Estate, Nungette, Ikot Ambon and Owot Uta, Ibesikpo Asutan.


  • Through effective land administration, internally generated revenue for the State has been enhanced during the period. Land revenue are derived from sources like: Application fees for Certificate of Occupancy; Application fee for consent; Ground rent on Certificate of Occupancy; Approval and registration fees on secondary land transaction e.g. mortgages, assignments, leases and sub-leases.


The tabulation below shows the revenue generated from  Estates and Deeds in the last quarter of 2015.


Ground rentN400,000,000
Registration fee from power of AttorneyN3,000.000
Registration of C of ON1,800,000
Application for consentNil
Approval fees and Registration on mortgages, assignments and leasesNil


(The last two subheads yielded no revenue, due to delay in obtaining the necessary instrument from relevant authorities).


  • Elimination of leakages by paying all revenues into government designated bank accounts.


  • Revenue sources from Lands and Town Planning has contributed to the tune of N404,808,000(Four hundred and four million, eight hundred and eighty thousand naira) in the last quarter of 2015.




With the dwindling funds accruing to the state from the Federation Account Allocation, occasioned by the crash in the prices of crude oil, Governor Udom Emmanuel charted a pragmatic approach with a view to turning around the fortunes of the state. The best option was   diversifying the revenue sources to improve internally generated yields. In line with this, government put in place modalities to establish, maintain and ensure continuous improvement of machineries for sourcing, collation, accounting and utilizing of public funds.


To this end, various measures were adopted for maximum gains including:


  • Appointing an Acting Chairman for the state’s Internal Revenue Service to supervise, monitor and harness internally generated revenue to boost the financial profile of the state.


  • Dis-engaging of revenue consultants who were unable to meet target and increase revenue and engaging Rom-Flex, another revenue consultant who have come to introduce the e-receipt policy to address leakages, diversion of revenue to enhance a robust internally generated revenue.


  • Sponsoring a bill in the 6th Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly seeking to “make provision for the administration and collection of revenue due to the government of Akwa Ibom State and Local Government Councils in Akwa Ibom State by the Internal Revenue Service and to establish the relevant administrative structures and other matters connected therewith.”


  • To ensure transparency of the bill, the authority of the State House of Assembly through its Committee on Appropriations and Finance chaired by Rt. Hon (Dr.) Usoro Akpanusoh, held a public hearing on the bill, where input from both professionals and stakeholders in the sector were presented. The autonomous nature of the State Internal Revenue Service will enhance effective revenue generation for the state thus providing enough resources for developing the state. Notable among the presenters at the public hearing was the Secretary, Joint Tax Board, M. L. Abubakar.


  • Gathering and collation of the State indices to Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission for the process of upward review of the State share of the Federal Allocation


  • Biometric capturing of most newly recruited civil/public servant in the State to provide a baseline data for the new payroll consultant usage.


  • Restructuring of the state outstanding Commercial Bank Loan into Federal Government of Nigeria Bonds to free – up resources for meeting pressing financial obligations of government and also enable the state to invest in the Federal Government Bond.


  • Engagement of a Debt Recovery Agent to exploit all idle revenue sources towards recovering over N500 million outstanding tax liabilities owed the state government by the defunct Power Holding Company Nigeria.


  • Initiated move to access Excess Crude Account (ECA) by backing facility for the financing of some infrastructural development projects as a means of restoring fiscal stability in the state.


  • Issuance of Financial Circulars to ensure efficient financial management and prevent double collection of salaries and continued payment to absconded staff.


  • Engagement of a new payroll consultant – Esofties Solutions Limited, for transparency, pension and gratuity payments, using BVN (Bank Verification Numbers) mechanism and build capacity of our staff.


  • Collection and collation of Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) from all Civil/Public Servants in the State government payroll to help the new payroll function effectively.


  • Issue instrument for the implementation of a new Tax regime.


  • Disbursement of the Central Bank f Nigeria, CBN-funded Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund (MSMEDF) to beneficiaries in the state.


  • Successful Personnel Audit of the state Public Service.


  • Realization of investment income worth N108,277,188.631 from government investment in equities.


  • Realization of the sum of 0m (Three Million Naira) as revenue from government property in Lagos.


  • Payment of gratuity/pension to retiring local government staff who were not paid for years past.


  • Initiating a measure towards effective coordination of State Finance sector through monthly meetings of all management staff of Ministry of Finance, Accountant-General Office, Internal Revenue and State Budget office.


  • Coordinate harmonization of the 2016 Recurrent and Capital Estimates


  • Reactivation of the Cyber Cafe in Ministry of Information headquarters


  • Activation and extension of Internet Service in the Ministry


  • Activation/updating of the Ministry’s website


  • Production of Finance News publication to publicize the policies, programmes and activities of government


  • Commencement of electronic receipt mechanism to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in monitoring and coordinating all internally generated revenue activities in the state.




With the statutory responsibility of managing receipts and payments of financial resources of the state government, the office of Accountant General has recorded the following:


  • Up-to-date payment of staff salaries
  • Payment of pension to cover over 20,000 retired Primary School Teachers and Civilian Pensioners in Akwa Ibom State.
  • Payment of gratuity to retirees in the State Service
  • Training of new Accountants into the State Service
  • Sustaining of IPSAS practice in the Financial reporting of the State Public Service.






  • Approval for the establishment of Sports Academy in the 10 Federal Constituencies


  • 1000 Youths for Oracle Certification Programme
  • Power Sector training for 200 youths
  • Special Agricultural Training for 100 youths in Israel




   In realization of the symbiotic role of the third-tier of government in the development of the State, government has vigorously pursued and maintained a harmonious relationship with the local government and the traditional chieftain. To this end, government has undertaken the following:


  • Prompt payment of stipends to Traditional Rulers in the State


  • Payment of arrears of Security Allowance and up-to-date monthly payment of stipends to Paramount Rulers


  • Payment of Palace Renovation/Furniture Allowance to five (5) Paramount Rulers – Oron, Abak, Ukanafun, Ini and Nsit Ibom LGAs


  • Official recognition of 92 (ninety two) Traditional Rulers in the State – 1 Paramount Ruler, 4 Clan Heads and 87 Village Heads


  • Appointment and Swearing-in of the Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Council of Chiefs, His Royal Majesty Owong (Dr.) Effiong Bassey Archianga (JP) FCE, FCAI – Akwaha Owong Ibeno


  • Presentation of Land Cruiser SUV to the Chairman, State Council of Chiefs


  • Provision of financial assistance during the burial of the late Paramount Rulers of Udung Uko, Oruk Anam and Eastern Obolo LGAs.


  • Financial Assistance to the Paramount Ruler of Uruan for medical treatment abroad


  • Payment of Christmas bonus to Traditional Rulers in the State


  • Renovation of the Chambers of Council of Chiefs


  • Staff training for Newly Recruited Staff


  • Payment of up-to-date Staff Salaries


  • Release of Licenses to places of religious worship


  • Dakada sensitization tour/enlightenment in the 31 LGAs on the programmes and policies of the State government.





  • 1,959 families affected by flood disaster in Uyo and Eket were provided with relief packages.




Effective and efficient adjudication of justice to the people through equity and fair play are very crucial in governance. To this end, relevant government authorities, majorly, the Ministry of Justice has been efficiently equipped to provide appropriate Legal services to both the government and people of the State.  In this regard, the following achievements have been recorded:


–       Articulation of a realistic body of laws to regulate the rights, liabilities and conventions;


–       Provision of legal advice to the Government;


–       Drafting and vetting of Executive Bills Contracts, Agreements, Memoranda         of Understanding and other legal document;


–       Estate Administration and public trustworthy;


–       Diligent handling of Criminal and Civil matters to enhance a smooth justice         delivery system in the state, amongst others.


Details of the departmental achievements of Ministry of Justice are presented here below:





The Department of Legal Drafting is one of the major Departments in the Ministry of Justice. It exists essentially to draft/vet all Executive Bills, Subsidiary Legislation and Contract Agreements involving Government. It also proffers sound legal advice to Government. The Department is a major contributor to the Internally Generated Revenue of the state through the collection of vetting fees on every Contract Agreement drafted.  Its achievements are:



  1. BILLS


1.Akwa Ibom State Road Traffic Authority Bill, 2016Pending in House of Assembly


2.Akwa Ibom State Public Procurement Bill, 2016Pending in House of Assembly


3.Signage Bill, 2016Vetting in progress


4.Amendment of Local Government Administration Bill, 2015Passed into Law


5.Amendment of Customary Court Bill, 2016Vetting in progress


6.Akwa Ibom Environmental Protection Waste Management Bill, 2016


Vetting in progress
7.Review of fines in Produce (Enforcement of Grades and Standards of Quality) Marketing Procedures Fees and Taxes Bill.Pending in House of Assembly
8.A Bill to a Law to Establish the Akwa Ibom State Public Private Partnership Council and the Bureau of public partnership to facilitate and Revenue Partnership between the public and private sector in the Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure, Goods and Services in the State and for other matters related thereto


 Pending in House of Assembly
9.2016 Appropriation LawAssented to by Governor


10.Prerogative of Mercy (release of prisoners granted pardon by His Excellency, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State


11.Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission(Amendment) LawPending in House of Assembly


12.Akwa Ibom State Revenue Administration LawPending in House of Assembly


13.Akwa Ibom State Micro Finance and Enterprise Development Agency LawPending in House of Assembly


14.Akwa Ibom State(Power to Dissolve Statutory Boards) LawPending in House of Assembly


15.A Bill for a Law to Prohibit the use of Motorcycles on designated thoroughfare in the State and for other matters connected therewith


Pending in House of Assembly
16.A Bill for a Law to Establish Akwa Ibom State School of Health Technology for training of various Health professions and for other matters connected therewith


Pending in House of Assembly
17.A Bill for a Law to Make Provision for Computation and Payment of Pension and Gratuity to Civil Servants in the State


Pending in House of Assembly
18.A Bill for a Law to Make Provision for the Local Government Administration and for other matters connected therewithPending in House of Assembly






S/N                                        NATURE OF WORK


1.Contract Agreement for the Supply, Installation of Medical Equipment at Cottage Hospital, Ukana


2.Agreement for the provision of Air Traffic Service(ATS) by Nigerian Airspace Management Agency to Akwa Ibom International Airport


3.MoU between Ibom Hotels and Resort and its Host Communities


4.MoU between Total E &P and Akwa Ibom State Host Communities


5.Agreement for the Construction of 5km Mkpok-Okat Road in Onna Local Government Area


6.Agreement for the Construction of 5Km Ikot Usop- Ikot Edeghe-Ikot Ekpuk Road and 30m span bridge in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area


7.Contract Agreement for the Emergency Works in the completion of Oron Urban Roads by Wizchino Engineering Limited


8.Contract Agreement for the construction of 3.5km Ikot Udom Road with a 15m span bridge in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area


9.Interim Gas Sales Agreement between ACCU Gas Limited Ibom Power Company Limited and Government


10.Contract Agreement for Additional Works for the Mechanical and Electrical Services for the 20th Anniversary Specialist Hospital
11.MoU between Government and Mimshac Digital Limited


12.MoU between Seven Exploration Limited (SEPL) and Gas Pipeline Impacted Communities


13.MoU between Government of Akwa Ibom State and Danieli Company Limited regarding  Qua Steel Project


14.Agreement between Government and Immersion Consult Limited





15.112Nos. Employment Agreement for Ibom Multi-Specialist Hospital, Uyo


16.Agreement for the dualization of 29km of Etinan-Ndon Eyo Road with 2No. bridges and spur from Mbioto Ekpene Huen to Ikot Akpan Ishiet Junction


17.Agreement for the Dualization of Uyo-Etinan Road, Akwa Ibom State


18.MoU between Government and Wellington Limited/First Cardio Consultants on Management of Ibom Specialist Hospital


19.MoU between Greenwell Technologies Limited and Government of Akwa Ibom State


20.Power Purchase Agreement between Government and Caribean Overseas S.A(CESCO)


21.Agreement between Government and Mobil Producing Unlimited and Knowledge Partners Limited


22.Partnership Agreement between Government and Bluemarine Energy Systems Nigeria Limited


23.Contract Agreement for Dualization of 28km of Uyo-Oron Road(Airport Road-Okopedi Oron Road by East- West Road) by Ronesans Nigeria Construction Limited


24.Consultancy Agreement between Government and Etano (Nig) Limited


25.Contract Agreement for the construction of 12.742km Awaiman-Asong-Ikot Emem Road with 2No. bridges in Onna and Mkpat-Enin Local Government Area


26.Contract Agreement for the Construction of 4.6km School of Arts and Sciences Road in Nung Ukim Ikono Local Government Area





27.Agreement between Government/ Eket Local Government Council and CICASA West Africa Limited


28.MoU between Quality Ceramics Limited, AKIICORP and DIMO Investment and Manufacturing Company Limited


29.Contract Agreement for the Construction of 6km Idiaba-Nda- Nsit- Ikot Abasi (Nung Udoe) Road, Nsit Atai Local Government Area by Cossel Construction Company Nigeria Limited



30.MoU between Government and Ensisco Plantation and Agro- Allied Industries


31.MoU  between Government and Field- Harvest Integrated Services Limited and Omega Butter International and LNG Company


32.Agreement between Government and Greenwell Technologies of Nigeria Limited


33.Car Purchase Agreement between Government through Akwa Ibom Urban Taxi Network Limited, Ministry of Transport and Innoson


34.Contract Agreement for the Construction of 6.1km Atan Road in Uyo Local Government Area by Benest Technical Services Limited


35.MoU between AKIICORP and Soeni Consult Limited


36.Agreement for Coconut Plantation/ Oil Refinery with HJ Oil and Food Consulting (pty) Limited.


37.Construction of 5.1Km Internal Roads in Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Akpa and its environs by Sigma Limited


38.Construction of 42.195km Ikot Ekaide-Ikot Okoro-ikot Ibritam-Ekeffre-Ikot Akpan Afaha Road Sections I&II with 3Nos. Bridges in Oruk Anam and Ukanafun Local Government Areas by Almajdai Limited



39.Contract Agreement for the Construction of 1.65km Information Drive in Uyo LGA between Government and Benest Technical Services Limited


40.Consultancy Agreement for Specialist Airport Advisory Services for Ibom International Airport Uyo  by Aerospace  Management Services Nigeria Limited


41.MoU for the Set-Up and Take-Off of 500 megawatts Power Plant between Government and Veduta Global Limited and Sinohydro Bureau 14 Company Limited
42.MoU for the Set-Up and Take-Off of Mechanized Agricultural Activities Enterprise Development and Skill Transfer in Akwa Ibom State between Government and Veduta Global LTD and AT&P Zhejiang Shenfa Import & Export Company Limited


43.Agreement to Maintain and Provide Security Services at the 20th Anniversary Hospital Residential Quarters at Shelter Afrique, Uyo by AHR Global Standard Services Limited


44.MoU between Government and Ircaflaw Africa Development Associates Limited for the development of Agro-Chain Integrated Farm Complexes and complete Agro-Research Parks Development Centers in Akwa Ibom State


45.Agreement for the Dualization of 1km Awa Ikot Nkan Road with Outfall Drains in Onna Local Government Area by VKS Nigeria Construction Limited


46.Agreement for the Dualization of Ring Road III and Construction of 1.5km Outfall Drain from Nsikak Eduok to Tropicana Complex(Additional works) by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC.


47.MoU between Government Heilongjiang Hejang Sanjiang Plain Rice Group of Company Limited for the Establishment of Farm Processing Plant in Akwa Ibom State




48.Construction/Remodeling of selected Roads and Strategic Roundabouts/Junctions in Eket Metropolis (Phase I &II) by Nigerpet Structures Limited


49.MoU for the Millennium Development Goals Project between Federal Republic of Nigeria and Government of Akwa Ibom State



50.Agreement for the Design of Akwa Ibom International Airport Terminal and Hotel by Blessed Henken International Company Limited in Partnership with Foshan 507 Decoration Design Company Limited





The Department of Civil Litigation is one of the Departments in the Ministry of Justice.  It is saddled with the responsibility of handling all the civil cases involving the Akwa Ibom State Government, her Ministries, Departments and Agencies.






  1. Supreme Court, Abuja         7
  2. Court of Appeal, Abuja 3
  3. Court of Appeal Lagos         5
  4. Court Of Appeal, Calabar        163
  5. Federal High Court, Uyo        57
  6. Federal High Court, Abuja          9
  7. Federal High Court, Lagos   7
  8. National Industrial Court Calabar/Lagos 59
  9. High Court, Akwa Ibom State         1,219
  10. Multi-door Court 26
  11. Revenue Court 84
  12. Number of Legal Advice 172

TOTAL                                                       1,811


The table below summarizes our achievements:

Total cases received1,811
Number of judgment obtained302
Number of cases settled out of court40
Number of Legal Advice Concluded170
Number of ongoing cases at various stages1,299






The Department of Public Prosecution is responsible for handling of Criminal cases on behalf of the Government. Its achievements from May 2015 till date are:


  1. Number of case files received from the Police .. ..      350


  1. Number of Bail Applications opposed and refused                                                        ..      ..      200


  1. Legal Advice concluded ..      ..      300


  1. Number of cases in Magistrate courts ..      ..         50


  1. Number of cases filed in High Courts ..      ..      250


  1. Judgment received in High Courts ..      ..        25


  1. Judgment received in Appeal Courts ..      ..        15


  1. Judgment received in Supreme Court ..      ..          2





This Department between May, 2015 till date has administered a total number of 50 (Fifty) Estates as indicated below:-






3.Ikot Ekpene5
4.Ikot Abasi5
7.Ibiono Ibom2




Within the period under review, Four (4) Estates namely Michael Etokakpan, Barr. A. J. Udo, Alexander A. Udo, Efio-ita Ephraim were wound up by this department and final proceed/sharing paid to the Legal beneficiaries.







Civil cases are 4 in number, 2 at the level of defense and one for pre-trial conference. There are also three rent matters and two of that are awaiting settlement.


The Administrator-General/Public Trustee (Director) and her Staff achieve a lot by settling several major and minor disputes among the deceased beneficiaries and extended families including tenants out of Court.





The Department of Accounts/Finance is one of the Departments in the Ministry responsible for day to day management of all income and expenditure of the Ministry.  Its achievements are:


  1. Salaries/other Financial entitlements has been paid up to date.


  1. Successful appraisal of 2015 Budget.



  1. Timely and successful submission/defense of 2016 Draft Estimate.


  1. Submission of reimbursement PVs for standing Imprest.


  1. Timely retirement of Special Imprest on completion of the project.





Between May 2015 till date, the Department of PRS has achieved the following:


  1. Procurement of 1,238 (0ne thousand, two hundred and thirty eight) copies of books
  2. Prompt Response to Statistical needs of the Ministry
  3. Improved linkages with other MDAs on data sharing.




The Department of Admin./Supplies is responsible for the handling of all personnel matters such as, recruitment, promotion, confirmation, conversion, board of surveys, training,  discipline, and general day to day administration of the Ministry.


Between 2015 till date, the Ministry through Department of Administration & Supplies have undertaken the following:


A total of Fifty-nine (59) Senior staff were proposed for promotion 2015 while fourteen (14) Junior Officers were promoted, and in 2016, total of Fifty-five (55) Senior staff had been proposed for promotion while Eleven (11) Junior Officers had been recommended for Promotion/Confirmation.




  • Training of 150 Civil Servants on computer application and networking


  • Training of children between ages 5 – 18 on computer appreciation and networking





With gender issues gaining momentum in the development plans of government as encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs of the United Nations and domesticated in the Udom Emmanuel 5 – Point Agenda, government has continued to put in place policies and undertake programmes for the enhancement of the welfare of women, children and the vulnerable members of the society. Highlights of achievements of government in the sector include:


  • Sensitization campaign against child abuse, child trafficking, child abandonment, child labour and baby factory in the ten (10) Federal Constituencies.


  • Financial empowerment for 400 widows in the 31 local government areas


  • Caring for over 500 orphans and vulnerable children in five designated Government Homes


  • Family tracing and re-integration of over 40 street children with their parents.


  • Training of Court Assessors.


  • Financial assistance to private psychiatric home


  • Consultation meeting with non-indigenes to foster love, unity and peaceful co-existence
  1. Hosted the 2015 International Women’s Day Celebration
  2. Hosted the 2015 International Widows’ Day Celebration
  3. Organized 2015 Widows’ Empowerment Scheme
  4. Carried out capacity building of newly elected members of the Children’s Parliament in AkwaIbom State
  5. Organized the 2015 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebrations
  6. Celebrated the 2015 National Children’s Day and the Day of the African Child
  7. Carried outpublic awareness campaign and sensitization against child abuse, abandonment, trafficking, “baby factory” and implementation of Child’s Right Law in the 10 Federal constituencies in the State
  8. Undertook media enlightenment campaign on the child’s rights law
  9. Produced, printed and distributed IEC materials on the child’s right law as well as the abridged version of child’s rights law in English
  10. Rehabilitation and reintegration of street children and children in the Homes, about 60 Children benefited.
  11. Implemented Juvenile Justice Administration, which led to the trial and prosecution of Child’s Rights offenders
  12. Rehabilitation and Integration of children and equipping of hostels/dormitories for children’s homes in AkwaIbom State
  13. Quarterly enlightenment/ sensitization and support programme for women with multiple birth in AkwaIbom State.
  14. Renovation, furnishing and equipping of divine Children’s home and correctional centre
  15. Public Awareness campaign against child abuse and implementation of the Child’s right law in the 31 LGA of the state.
  16. Child legal protection activities
  17. Celebration of World White Cane/ National Braille day of the blind.More than 350 visually/partially impaired benefited, visually impaired undergraduates were provided with braille machines and Laptops with Jaws
  18. Provision of over 50 wheel Chairs and special writing desks to physically challenged persons in the tertiary Institutions and financial assistance to 50 members of Association of Persons Living with Disability.
  19. Evacuation, treatment and rehabilitation and integration of lunatics off the State Capital
  20. Sponsorship to China of Thompson Aniedi studies
  21. Hosting of women’s Leadership Retreat, focus was on training Women to meet with National and Global leadership Standards.
  22. Sensitization on the debilitating effects of diseases such as cancer, Hiv/Aids on Women
  23. Sponsorship of the Children’s summit organized by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Channel 12 Uyo
  24. Financial support to 62 (Sixty-two) Women Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the State
  25. Sponsorship of Members of the Nigerian Legion Akwa Ibom State branch for Verification exercise of Military Pensioners by the Federal Ministry of Defence


  1. Establishment of Children’s Parliament in the 31 Local Government Areas of the State
  2. National/International day celebration of person with disabilities in AkwaIbom State
  3. Emergency response, welfare and rescue of Women and Children from abuse
  4. Monthly Subvention to assist the less privileged
  5. Organized Christmas party for children in the Government homes.
  6. Hosting of Women Forum in AkwaIbom State
  7. Enlightenment/Sensitization and quarterly support programme for Women with multiple Birth in AkwaIbom State.
  8. Resettlement/Assistance to graduating trainees of the Nigeria Farm Craft centre for the blind
  9. Sponsorship of the Participation of AkwaIbom State delegation in the Nigerian Power Women conference in Abuja
  10. Training of members of the Children’s Parliament in the 31st local government Area of the State
  11. Collaborated with NEIMETH International Pharmaceutical PLC for the de-worming exercise of Children in the State.
  12. Celebrated the 2016 International Women’s Day, seminar for young girls on career Counseling and screening of Women of Breast and Cervical Cancer
  13. Empowerment of Nigerian Legion Widows in the State.
  14. Partnering MTN FOUNDATION in Audiometric assessment and provision of Hearing aid to Hearing impaired persons in the State. About 250 persons benefited



The Rural Development master plan of the Governor Udom Emmanuel administration is to attain a far-reaching transformation of the Akwa Ibom rural space and unflinching belief in equitable and massive rural transformation as an index for economic development. The Master Plan systematically presents a holistic rural development thrust which targets:

  • Credible data of rural infrastructure, to reflect trajectories for intervention
  • Extension of electricity to all communities;
  • Provision of potable water to rural dwellers to check the prevalence of water borne disease;
  • Enhancement of accessibility of  rural communities through grading/maintenance of feeder roads;
  • General improvement of basic economic and social amenities to stem rural-urban drift;
  • Establishment of Community Development Centres/Model Villages to further drive development into the vast ends of our rural space, and
  • Other necessary interventions that would enhance employment, alleviation of poverty, security and general improvement in standard of living in rural areas.

The RDMP has made available to the State Government comprehensive data of infrastructural statuses of villages/communities in the State, hence pre-requisites for government interventions.


The present administration has achieved commendable feats in the area of electrification. These include:

  1. Rehabilitation of 33kV High Tension Network at Ikot Ebak, Mkpat Enin L.G.A.
  2. Rehabilitation of 33kV High Tension Network at Ikot Aka, Mkpat Enin L.G.A.
  • Rehabilitation of 33kV High Tension Network at Ikot Abia Utok
  1. Rehabilitation of 33kV High Tension Network at Ikot Ekpenyong (comprising Nung Oku Ikpo, Itighe Isong and Nung Akpan Abia commuinitites), Mkpat Enin L.G.A.
  2. Electricity Extension at Ikot Obio Nso Village, Mkpat Enin L.G.A.
  3. Electricity Intervention at Ikot Nkan, Onna L.G.A.
  • Electricity Intervention at Awa Atai, Onna L.G.A.
  • Rehabilitation of High Tension Network at Oruk Anam L.G.A.
  1. Electricity Intervention at Ikot Ibritam, Oruk Anam L.G.A.
  2. Electrification & Rehabilitation of Low Tension Network at Ifa Atai, UyoL.G.A.
  3. Electricity Intervention at Nung Udoe community, Ibesikpo/Asutan L.G.A.
  • Electricity Intervention at Owot Uta community, Ibesikpo/Asutan L.G.A.
  • Electricity Intervention at Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan, Ibesikpo/Asutan L.G.A.
  • Rehabilitation of Electricity Facility at Children Correction Home, Uyo L.G.A.
  1. Rehabilitation of Electricity Facility/Restoration of Power Supply to the Idongesit Nkanga Secretariat Complex: Installation of a new 110V 30A Charging Unit, battery bank, tripping units and control cards on the Main Switch Panel.


In the process of the foregoing projects, the Ministry of Rural Development has so far distributed over 40 transformers to various rural communities in the State based on need. This is in keeping with the Ministry’s mission statement of firmly implementing the State Government’s rural development programmes in ensuring that rural communities in the State are provided with potable water, electricity, accessible road network and support for self-help programmes.

Beyond distribution, the Ministry also takes up the task of inspecting to ascertain delivery of these transformers to the designated areas/villages

There has been an increased synergy and collaboration between the Ministry of Rural Development, Office of the Senior Special Assistant on Power and other relevant power sector stakeholders, including those in the private sector to structure a framework of power intervention in our urban and rural communities with clearly identified roles and responsibilities.

  2. Being conscious of the role of good water in sustaining a healthy society, the Ministry of Rural Development organized extensive sensitization through a workshop with the theme, “Water and Jobs” to mark the 2016 World Water Day. This theme afforded stakeholders the opportunity to consider specific aspects of freshwater – the quantity and quality – vis-à-vis the livelihood of workers.

At the workshop, the Ministry of Rural Development sued for best practices in provision and management of potable water sources. The Ministry suggested identification of policy formulations and capacity development issues in which the United Nations system can offer significant contributions.

The workshop, without doubt, has gone a long way in helping drillers and several others that work in water-related industries or businesses to routinely deepen capacity and improve on working material, hence ensuring ways service delivery can be optimized for our teeming rural populace.

  1. The Ministry is working to keep our rural communities in line with the new water policy.

For a start, urgent solar water projects are underway in some rural locations, including Obio Akpa (Oruk Anam), Ikot Akpan Nko (Onna), Ikot Akpabio-Edemaya (Ikot Abasi), Ekpitim (Eastern Obolo), Edem Urua (Ini), Osuk Ediene (Ikono), Nto Edino (Obot Akara) and Mkpat Enin Urban (Mkpat Enin).


iii.     Partnership with Niger Delta Support Programme (NDSP), through AK-RUWATSAN to facilitate the design and implementation of water schemes for 5 small towns in Obot Akara and Nsit Atai Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State:

Obot Akara LGA

  1. Nto Edino/Nto Ide Anwa Effiat
  2. Nto Eton/Abiakpo Ikot Abasi Inyang/Uruk Osung/Imana
  3. Abiakpo Ibo/Nko Nto Nkoboho/Nko Nto Nkono/Ikot Abia Ossom
  4. FIDA Communities
  5. Ubon Akwa

Nsit Atai LGA

  1. Odot II/Ikot Nyoho Edor/Ikot Inyang
  2. Ibakang/Unyehe/Ikot Nkpene
  3. Ikot Akpanike/Ikot Edebe
  4. Nda Nsit/Ikot Abiyan
  5. Ikot Itie Idung


  1. ROADS

The Ministry has completed the design of rural bridges in Ikot Ukpong Eren and Ikot Akpan Ntia (Oruk Anam); Ikot Akpabong (Mkpat Enin) and a double-box culvert in Ikot Ndudot (Onna).

The Ministry of Rural Development embarks on routine and regular inspections to project sites to keep abreast with the state of the projects. At intervals, the Ministry uses this opportunity to also educate members of these communities on the need to protect government facility in their domains.


  1. Ministry of Transport visited Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company to ascertain the quality of products and spare parts availability. Discussion has also commenced to access Innoson Vehicles for use as Akwa Ibom Township Taxi Services provider.
  2. Movement of mechanic village from its present location to its permanent site. Master plan for the site has been presented and construction work will commence upon payment of compensation.
  3. Quarterly sensitization workshop for transport stakeholders has been on. Recently, the taskforce on traffic monitoring was trained and members were instructed to approach their assigned duties within the provisions of the law and the ministry’s laid down code of conduct.
  4. The officials of the transport monitoring team are to help expose those involved in touting and arrest all fake and illegal transport related task forces operating and extorting monies from unsuspecting members of the public.
  5. Park management committees have been inaugurated to regulate the activities in the State motor parks and make them more functional.
  6. Ministry of Transport has cleared major roads of congestions and eased traffic. With acquired state- of- the arts towing trucks, broken down vehicles are constantly evacuated.
  7. The ministry has commenced preparation for the establishment of a driving institute to aim at regulating the activities of driving schools in the state.

By this arrangement, all existing driving schools proprietors are fully integrated into the new government expectations on effective and crashless motoring in the State through fruitful dialogue.

  1. Steps to initiate bio-metric registration of all motor technicians, car dealers, mechanics, vulcanizers, spare parts dealers etc is on.
  2. Ministry of Transport will continue to depend on the Almighty God for protection on road, water and air transportation. The ministry took its affairs to God on Friday 29th January, 2016 at the Long Distance Motor Park, hence the reduction in crashes and accidents.



In fulfilment of its mandate; Akwa Ibom Urban Taxi Network Ltd (AKUTAN) has recorded the following achievements inspite of various problems and challenges:-


  1. Generation of Revenue:

The present management of AKUTAN has as its cardinal policy thrust, a determined will to operate the company efficiently and profitably to ensure sustainability. Following the restructuring and re-organizing carried out, revenue profile of the company has remarkably increased.


  • Improved Service Delivery:

In fulfillment of its objectives, AKUTAN is providing safe, efficient and affordable transport in the state. The company has put in check incessant fare hikes in the inter and intra-city routes.


  • Job Creation:

AKUTAN has provided jobs for over 120 persons including drivers, conductors, monitoring personnel and ad hoc staff. The target group is the youth who otherwise would have been engaged in crime and other vices. The multiplier effect is that AKUTAN has been able to put food on the tables of many families.


  1. Construction of Temporary Repairs/Service Workshop

High cost of repairs of vehicles was identified as a major problem of AKUTAN due to inflated bills by private mechanics who used fake parts for the vehicles. This coupled with negligent and reckless nature of the drivers had contributed to the breakdown of many vehicles. Soon after assumption of duties, the present management of AKUTAN built a temporary Repairs/Service Workshop in its office premises and engaged for mechanics. The vehicles are now being repaired/serviced by the company mechanics with parts purchased by the company. This measure has drastically reduced expenditure and increased revenue.


  1. Screening and Engagement of Experienced Drivers:

As stated above, indiscriminate engagement of inexperienced and reckless drivers resulted in damage and accidented vehicles. Shortly after assumption of duties, the present management of AKUTAN conducted screening interview for drivers at the end of which experienced and responsible drivers among them were retained while others were disengaged. This was followed by proper documentation on all the drivers.


  1. Manpower Development/Provision of Uniforms:

Training workshop have been organized for the drivers and ad hoc staff of AKUTAN on safety, basic car and customer care etc.


The drivers have also been provided with uniforms to give them a sense of identity. Today, AKUTAN can boast of disciplined, responsible and profit-oriented drivers.


  1. Installation of Transport Management System Software:

Hitherto, there was no database on drivers, beneficiaries and vehicle of the company. A computerized Transport Management System (TMS) software has been installed to create a database which features inclue:

  • Comprehensive database of all vehicles owned by AKUTAN
  • Comprehensive database of drivers and beneficiaries which will help to streamline processes unique to the commercial transport industry, such as daily rental collections, weekend remittances, defaulting lessees, lease expiration etc
  • Provide insight into overall financial performance of the vehicles in a straightforward, comprehensive format.


AKUTAN has the prospect of operating as a viable economic enterprise if the required funds and resources are invested in the company. To achieve this, the following are recommended:-


  1. Funding:

Funds must necessarily be invested in any economic enterprise in order for it to succeed. Adequate funding of AKUTAN will lay a solid foundation for effective service delivery and productivity. Monthly operational funds should be provided for servicing and repairs of vehicles in its fleet. Government should assist with fund for the resuscitation of grounded vehicles in the fleet to boost the system.


  1. Procurement of vehicles:

The few vehicles in AKUTAN fleet are inadequate to meet the transportation needs of the populace. In order to create the desired impact and inspire confidence of the commuters, vehicles should be readily accessible and frequent enough so that the waiting time at the trip origin or trip terminal have negligible impact on commuters. Therefore additional vehicles should be acquired to boost AKUTAN’s fleet. A system of operating the vehicles profitably has been set up by the management to ensure increased revenue generation.


  1. Leasing of Vehicles:

In the future stringent modalities for leasing out new vehicles will be systematically drawn up taking into consideration the criteria for distribution, repayment and maintenance processes. It is imperative that proceeds are properly harnessed to make it a revolving and sustainable scheme.



  1. Publicity:

In order to create awareness and make its services accessible to the public, activities and operations of the company are being widely publicized on electronic and print media for increased patronage.


  1. Finance/Accounts:

A computerized accounting system to capture the income and expenditure of each of the vehicles in the fleet is being maintained. A functional Finance and Account Department has been set up with an Internal Audit Unit to ensure checks and balances. Revenue is being paid into designated Government account and the company’s account is being audited annually.


  1. Equipping of Repairs/Service Workshop:

The workshop built by the management of AKUTAN needs to be equipped with modern tools and equipments. It should have a spare parts storage unit with original parts purchased directly from the manufacturing company. The workshop, if well equipped, could also serve as skills acquisition centre for the teeming unemployed youth in the state. It will generate income to government as the demand for such facility has been identified as in the case of the Hyundai and Ford Focus whose beneficiaries have to travel to Port Harcourt and Calabar to get their vehicles serviced/repaired.


  1. Provision of Loading and off-loading terminal:

AKUTAN needs an operational Transit Terminal where all the fleets originate from to their designated routes. This will help commuters to have easy connectivity to their destinations. It is suggested that AKUTAN should be provided with a separate terminal in all areas of its operation in order to stem interference and incessant attacks on its vehicles and staff by private motor park operators who see AKUTAN as threat.


  1. Erection of Bus Stops:

Designated bus stops clearly marked, with facilities for commuter’s welfare should be erected across Uyo Capital City for AKUTAN buses with security to man them. This will make the system very orderly and put a stop to attacks on company vehicles and drivers by touts. The right of adverts on the bus stops will generate revenue for government. The successful operation of AKUTAN vehicles on Wellington Bassey Way with designated bus stops is a test case.


5.9   Security:

Provision of security for staff and vehicles of the company is of paramount importance to guard against malicious acts by touts, frequent assault of drivers and damage to vehicles by illegal motor park operators and harassment by law enforcement officers. The company should be in a position to actualize His Excellency’s vision and provide good services to the commuters under a peaceful and secured atmosphere in a conducive environment.


5.10 Staff Training:

Staff of AKUTAN need to be trained/retrained within and outside the country to keep abreast with modern transportation management system.



For any economic enterprise to be self-sustainable, it must be profitable. For it to be profitable, the resources must be managed in such a way that income exceeds expenditure.


The challenges of accomplishing the vision of AKUTAN are surmountable. This brief has attempted to address some, though not all of these challenges. However, compliance with the issues raised herein will go a long way to reposition AKUTAN.



It is pertinent to re-visit the age-long adage that says “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” This adage has greatly played out in view of the crucial and supportive role and contributions the governor’s spouse, Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel towards the landmark achievements recorded so far by the Udom Emmanuel administration within one year in office.

The first lady is acknowledged as a co-champion in the current crusade of repositioning Akwa Ibom state for global recognition. Born into the family of Chief Bernard Sampson Idiong and Prof. Stella Idiong of Obio Akpa in Oruk Anam LGA OF Akwa Ibom state shortly after the civil war, Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel is outstanding for her trustworthiness, dependable and above all virtuousness.

After a successful completion of her primary and post primary education at Cornelia Cornelly College Uyo, she went to the University of Uyo where she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry (B.Sc. Hons) and out of her quest for knowledge; she enrolled for her Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the prestigious Lagos state University.

She is rooted in love for mankind. An amiable kind hearted mother whose passion for women empowerment is a household agreement of the good people of Akwa Ibom state. In her words “I have always wanted to touch lives.”

To actualize her dreams of touching and impacting lives, she flagged-off her pet project tagged: Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Programme (FEYReP) on September 21, 2015 with a mission to empower and restore values in our youths. It is on this score that our dear mother is seen as God’s timely savior to change the fortunes of Akwa Ibom women, widows, orphans, children, elderly, amongst others.

An independent account of the governor’s wife one year in office evidently shows that she has impacted positively in the lives of many people in the state in the following areas:


  • Adoption of more than 700 orphans and vulnerable children across the state
  • Back to School programme: Presentation of educational materials such as books, school bags, uniforms, school boxes, toiletries etc. to children in foster care centres across the state. More than 750 children benefitted.
  • Strengthening care and rehabilitation for abandoned children and those in foster care through monthly support (food, cash and other supplies) for nine special children’s homes across the state
  • Hosting indigent children selected from across the state to an annual Christmas party at Government House. Last year, more than 500 children attended and went home with educational materials, toys and other gifts.


  • Akwa Ibom State has a very high adolescent fertility rate, put at 17% in 2008. One of our earliest projects was to conduct a research to better understand the incidence, causes and possible solutions to this social menace. More than 500 pregnant teenagers across 31 local government areas were reached by the research effort through one-on-one interviews and focus group discussions (FGDs). Poverty was identified as one of the biggest causes of teenage pregnancy in the state. Consequently, FEYReP has designed a number of interventions to address the situation, one of which is christened “Martha Cares for Young Women”, an initiative that combines youth-friendly grassroots sensitization, counseling, educational scholarships and economic empowerment.
  • FEYReP implemented the Girls Uphold Your Dignity campaign which took enlightenment messages on HIV and AIDS, VVF, teenage pregnancy and the rights of the girl child to secondary schools across the state.


  • More than 300 senior citizens benefitted from FEYReP’s intervention for the elderly on the eve of the last International Day for Older Persons 2015 (October 1, 2015). They listened to a series of talks on health and ageing, received wellness kits, gift items and cash grants, and generally had fun during a special party with Her Excellency. The process for selecting these elderly citizens reflects FEYReP’s commitment to reaching those who are actually vulnerable and the poorest of the poor.


  • Between January 11 and January 30, 2016, FEYReP in partnership with MTN Foundation Eyesight Restoration Intervention Scheme (MTNF EyeRIS) conducted eye care outreach benefitting at least 6,000 persons. The scheme conducted 2,000 cataract surgeries, distribution of 2,000 pairs of glasses and 2,000 drug packs to people with various eye problems for free.
  • Recently FEYReP partnered with Niemeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc to implement a de-worming exercise in the state through a school health care programme. Over ten thousand benefitted from the initiative. It has been established that children who are properly and routinely de-wormed have better academic performance and nutritional status.
  • Also noteworthy is the free surgical care recently organized by FEYReP in collaboration with Pro-Health International and Akwa Ibom state Association of Nigeria (AKISAN, USA incorporated), where over 10,000 people benefitted across the three senatorial district of the state. This initiative was borne out of governments desire to meet the health needs of its people, and as well build a healthy and energetic population which remains the hallmark of this administration.


  • Provision of mobility aids and financial assistance to more than 150 persons with disability.
  • Providing financial and material support to inmates of Leprosy hospital, Ekpene Obom, Etinan.


With Nigeria losing about 2,300 under-five year olds and 145 women of childbearing age every single day, Nigeria’s maternal and under-five mortality statistics remain among the worst globally. Akwa Ibom as a state is not immune to this challenge, despite some modest progress in recent years. FEYReP complements the state government’s policy in this area through the following:

  • Creating public awareness to increase uptake of free medical services for pregnant women and under-five children
  • Providing health and nutrition education, mama-kits and cash grants to multiple birth families to address their disproportionate vulnerability to maternal and infant deaths. Over 500 multiple birth families have received cash grants and other support through this scheme.
  • Identifying babies born on special days such as Christmas, Easter and New Year’s Day and providing “mama-kits” and financial support to their parents.



  • More than 350 young women and men have so far benefitted from the economic empowerment interventions. We identify beneficiaries among the poorest of the poor, train them on economically viable skills and empower them with equipment and business start-up capital.


  • On International Widows Day, 23rd of June last year, more than 300 widows were identified and provided with business start-up kits (equipment and cash) under our Widows Empowerment Project.
  • Since 2011, Akwa Ibom State has had a Widows’ Rights Law. However the challenge has been in implementation. FEYReP has been at the forefront of educating widows on how to take advantage of this legislation to protect their rights. We are also using the media on an ongoing basis to conduct sensitization against obnoxious widowhood practices in the state.

It is convenient to note that, if all these could be achieved by our amiable heroine of compassion within just one year, one is therefore poised to wonder what the next few years holds for the good people of Akwa Ibom state. It has indeed been a breath of fresh air!