Cheating in love making among married couples (2), by Anurika Onyemelam

If your wife doesn’t complain about her sexual frustrations to you, who do you want her to complain to?
How does this begin to happen in marriage? How does a guy end up not making his wife reach orgasm?
There could be many reasons. One is the belief that she’s now his wife, thus there’s no need to put much effort in banging her. As far as he’s concerned, whether she’s sexually satisfied or not, she’s not going anywhere.
Wrong! It is this sort of attitude that makes such stupid men to become fathers to children of their security guards, drivers and gardeners.
This could also happen if the man has a mistress outside the home. He spends his stamina on pleasuring another woman, jumping like antelope on her body, playing all sorts of tricks to make her hail him Mr. Stud.
He gets home and wants only to sleep. I mean, he has had it. And if he bothers to have sex with his wife…it’s because he sees it as a duty…he wants to get into her and get out.
Whether she’s ready for his grand penetration or not, he doesn’t give a shit.
He works his one eyed snake to get up. The snake reluctantly stands, signing in weariness. The poor snake sef know say e don work too much for that day.
But the snake stands, because his master demands it. He plunges in…she cringes in pain…he naturally doesn’t notice…he pumps…pumps…end of story…anticlimax…he rolls over…he has done his duty by Iya Risi…he starts snoring, while Iya Risi gives his snoring back dagger looks, and then she sighs…the ever lovingly, docile wife. She accepts it. Fool!
Another reason could be impatient. How many husbands are patient with their legal wives?
They treat their mistresses as queens and their wives as…I don’t know what adjective to use. They lick the toes, navel, neck, shoulders and vagina of their mistresses. Tell them to go down on their wives and they’ll squeeze their faces like two days old fufu.
I’ve never been able to understand why men/women put so much effort into their relationship, including lovemaking, when they’re dating, yet expend less energy in their marriage.
Do you know why? Would you like to share your ideas, beliefs on my page? Okay.
A patient lover will ultimately make his woman to come. Men are prone to reach orgasm most times and even at most encounters than women.
Let’s say they have sex about 100 times, be sure that they are likely to come about 95 times, if not more. I could be wrong. But correct me if I’m wrong.
Many women, including yours sincerely, are prone to reach orgasm late. I can take hours. No bi small work O! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Some women take time to come…a guy needs to touch, fondle, bite, tease, lap, lick, caress, and suckle before such a woman can reach orgasm.
Most men come before their wives, thus it behoves the husband to do everything possible to make sure his wife comes.
This is why I’ve always advocated that lovers should endeavour to know each other’s G Spots. I know mine. Do you know yours?
There is nothing bad if men ask their wives where they have their G Spot.
And a wife who feels she is not being touched at the right places can tell her husband where the magic spot is.
But it has been discovered that most wives are shy to tell their husbands how they want to be handled in bed. They are even shy about discussing sex with their husbands. Nawa O!
They feel it is against our African culture. They feel they would look cheap or ….. Can’t even start thinking for them.
It’s possible for a man not to know exactly where the G-spot of his wife is located, but there is nothing bad in discussing about the level of satisfaction after several rounds of sex on bed. Ask her if she reached orgasm.
Of course, some people all in the name of religion think these things are not necessary or some even see it as sin. Rubbish!
Are you saying you don’t believe that a couple who love each other and are married or dating can be faithful and at the same be cheating?
Come off it darling, it can happen! What am I even saying…psst…it’s happening!
Instead of bringing out the doubting Thomas syndrome in you, you should have asked what I meant. I’ve said it all, except you have something to say to me.
Don’t like people who pretend to know it all, when they don’t know jack!
I’m already getting worked up…won’t waste my anger on these ‘know it all folks!’
Check out this scenario:
A couple came to visit friends….women are gossiping and the men are gisting…naturally the men were gisting about the women specie.
Discussion soon veered to performances of guys in bed with their wives, women and babes.
This particular guy went on and went, like he’s some kind of a super stud.
The twitching ears of his wife heard his bragging. She started to yinmu at him…you know what Yorubas people mean when they say somebody is yinmuing for somebody?
She was yinmuing for him…calling him a liar without saying the words.
Some of his friend intercepted the look, grinned.
They told him his wife was yinmuing at him. He asked his wife if he was lying about his prowess in bed, she said yes.
The guy was stunned. Is this his tame wife or what? What had gotten into her? He simply couldn’t believe it that she could openly partake in such sexual, frank talks.
Sure she did! And what the heck is he going to do about it?
He asked her if he had not been satisfying her in bed. She said no.
He was nonplussed!
He asked her what she meant. After all, they already had two kids to prove his adroitness in bed…nonsense! Even a moron in bed can produce babies.
She told him that they’ve been married for 10 years, yet, not once in those 10 bloody years had he made her to reach orgasm!
Aha! Yes! That’s the point of this my discussion.
If that’s not cheating of the highest order, I don’t what is!
The stupid, idiotic son of a gun! Imagine, for 10 damn years, he had been banging, coming forth with a shout of Alleluia, pouring his holy water into her crevices like a faulty running tap, yet he had never made her to come once in that 10 years.
I don’t like your shaking your head like agama lizard over there…are you saying I’m lying?…
Yes for 10 years, she had never….come off it, I’m sure some had stayed in marriages for more than 15 years without their husbands helping them or too much in a hurry to make them reach orgasm.
Do you guys feel like crying for her?…God! I feel like crying for her!
You should feel like crying if you know what orgasm is all about. Gosh, the gripping pleasure. Haaaaa!
Orgasm is the bomb in bedmtics. I’ve always said it…rather forget about sex, than engage in it and I won’t have an orgasm.
It’s so easy to cheat your babe during sex.
Simple really…men get to come anytime…but a babe? Ha! You need to work on her. You don’t just jump, thrust and kick like Jackie Chan and later roll to one side of the bed when you’ve achieved orgasm.
Do you know if your babe had achieved hers? Do you even give a hoot whether she has come?
This is how our ideal marriages are made of: lies! Pretences!
A wife stomachs such cheating for years, while the guy gets to have all the fun. Whistling after every episode, uncaring that his wife’s face looks sour after each encounter.
She wouldn’t naturally want to repeatedly go through such parody of love making, but she allows him to continue to repeated mount her, because she doesn’t want to make trouble.
I’m always wary about guys who claimed to be educated, yet have the mind of a bigot where sex is concerned.
I call such men educated illiterate. If they open their mouth, you’ll seek for where to hide. Their thinking is not often different from the cave man’s.
They’re men who believe that because they’re the head of the family, their wives are the slaves in the household…married simply to do his laundary, cook his meal, open her indifferent vagina, whether she’s in the mood or not…and to bear his children.
Simple word for such wives: figurines!
You wouldn’t believe that there are men who say it’s bad for a woman to have orgasm…yeah…take that to the banks! They say orgasm is a sin!
If it’s a sin, why did Baba God create sex? Why did he create a guy with a peg and a woman with a hole?