Chinese man compensated after 11 years for wrongful murder conviction

A man four times wrongly convicted of murder received $200,000 in compensation for his 11 years of imprisonment.
Prosecutor at the central court said Zeng Aiyun was freed in July on grounds of insufficient evidence in spite of three death sentences he received between 2004 and 2010 for murdering a graduate school classmate.
The prosecutor said all the three verdicts by the Xiangtan Intermediate People’s Court were rejected by the Supreme People’s Court in Beijing and a retrial ordered in 2010.
The prosecutor said in the retrial Zeng was found guilty again and sentenced to life imprisonment.
He said Zeng was ordered to pay 178,143 Yuan in compensation to the family of victim Zhou Yuheng.
The prosecutor said police later found the real killer, who had framed Zeng.