We won’t welcome any regulator other than NSCDC – Private security firms

The new President of the Association of Licensed Private Security Practitioners of Nigeria, Esangbedo Wilson, during the inaugural meeting of the association said ALPSPN will not and never support any move to remove the mandate of regulation of Private Guard Industry from the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.
Wilson made the statement on Friday during the Press Conference held at the corporate headquarters of ALPSPN in Abuja.
He emphasised that the ALPSPN leadership has over time built a mutual working relationship with NSCDC, adding: “Therefore, we shall not welcome any move to remove the regulation of the Private Guard industry from NSCDC.
“The Corps has been a great partner to us over the years.
“Moreover NSCDC works with integrity, which is the watchword of the government of the day under President Muhammadu Buhari.
“Therefore, we shall not allow our association to be compromised.
“ALPSPN and NSCDC are working hard to re-organize the Private Guard Industry with far reaching reforms as contained in the Private Guard Regulation of 2018.
“We are currently changing the face of security practice as guards biometrics will be taken by our regulator.
“Our guard will be trained, certified and licensed.
“Companies that will train the guards will be accredited by NSCDC and ALPSPN and the accredited companies will also have their trainers accredited.
“The current effort of our regulators to make the private guard industry to be as par with the advanced countries is commendable and will be supported by ALPSPN.”
Wilson assured that the new executive of ALPSPN will visit the NSCDC Commandant General, Abdulahi Gana Muhammadu, “to pledge our support for his landmark reform of Private Guard Companies since he took over the affairs of the organization”.