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Those who challenged this dominating wisdom were either jailed, maimed or killed. This bully tactics between the North and South had been at play from year dot. It had been there throughout our relationship with these foreigners from the Sahel. The savagery and public degradation they put Southerners who have the balls to call for radical change amount to having the meanest junk yard dogs among humans. Yet, Southerners continue to disagree with the North because their political model of master/servant relationship would not be allowed to take root in Nigeria of disparage nationalities.

According to the former Minister, the Yoruba Summit Group spokesman, Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo, and the Chief Executive Officer of Ovation Media Group, Chief Dele Momodu, on Wednesday held a meeting with the two parties where a truce was reached.

Bakare had shot artillery fires at opponents of All Progressives Congress leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The anecdotes, spun and spearheaded by some leading Yoruba, also crucified my own piece of last week entitled Tinubu, run! Please, run! and likened it to the anticlimax of the proverbial man who used the blade of his cap to decapitate an elephant.