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Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of satisfaction, one will agree that the movies set the blueprint for the fantasy genre in terms of visual storytelling, casting, faithful adaptation, and a commitment to world-building that has evolved into a universe on its own. From the moment Harry discovers he’s a wizard to the exhilarating battles against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, each film showcases the incredible storytelling and magical moments that have made Harry Potter a global phenomenon.

The episode started with a quick look at the housemates and their entrances into the Big Brother house. Glory Elijah joined Toke as her first guest as they discussed first impressions. Glory mentioned Hermes stood out for her due to his polyamorous side, which fascinated her. They also noted that the Level Up housemates are so vocal, which will lead to lots of fights this season.

The episode started with the lunch conversation which spilled off from the last episode. Iyabo had asked Carolyna about the lover that gifted her the missing $43,000 diamond bracelet and the question did not sit well with Carolyna as she felt it was unnecessary. Iyabo defended herself by saying that she did not ask the question to be spiteful and just asked to know the possibility of replacing the bracelet.