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In order to fulfil his five-point agenda, Udom ignited an endless applause when he announced an ambitious, already-packaged, mouth-watering industrial programme. He told the people: “The thrust of our administration is industrialization. In driving this, we have revitalized and re-commissioned Peacock Paints. We have performed ground-breaking ceremonies for a car assembly plant in Itu LGA by a leading Israeli auto manufacturing company, Mimshac Merkavim; as well as the Low Energy Display (LED) manufacturing plant at Itam.” 

Specifically, what many people remember about Kennedy’s historic speech is the portion that says Americans should, instead of thinking about what their country should do for them, focus on what they could do for their country. However, that was just an aspect of a speech that set the agenda for sending people to the moon; and building a bridge to connect the future.

The theme of the Week was: “Akwa Ibom State, the Legal Profession and the Emerging Global Economy.” A few days to the event, the National Bureau of Statistics released a stunning report to the effect that Nigeria’s unemployment rate has hit 33.3 per cent. This implies that more than half of the country’s labour force is jobless. Or put alternately, less than half of the labour force is fully employed.