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He said that the country had witnessed significant economic reforms since the removal of the subsidy by the President, describing the subsidy removal as courageous.
“The removal of the petrol subsidy caused some discomfort in the nation; you responded with compassion and doled out palliatives to assuage the effects on the people.

As the saying goes, the wrong we see are oftentimes symptoms of a deeper ailment! Well, it is common knowledge that no country can develop without a predetermined solid structure. Unfortunately, Nigeria has none! Year in, year out, governments come up with pretty and fantastic policy names. But that’s where it ends, simply because those with zero understanding of what a particular policy entails are the ones in government, directing its affairs. While ‘elected’ leaders lack the coherent vision of development needed to implement the change our country needs, those who have what it takes to move it forward cannot get elected into public office because they do not have the means. Again, how did we get here?