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Okoh joined the Nigerian Army at just 16, an age when most of his peers are still tied to the apron strings of their parents, and fought in the ill-fated civil war in 1970. After the war, he moved from the infantry to the Chaplaincy of the Nigerian Army, where he served in various capacities, rising to the position of Lieutenant Colonel, on which he retired after 21 years of meritorious service to his Fatherland.

Speaking to reporters at a special thanksgiving service to mark Ademowo’s 70th birthday and retirement, held at Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina in Lagos, Ambode commended the clergyman for serving the State meritoriously, saying it was not in doubt that he made significant impact to the development of the State and the nation in general.    

The Church called on the Niger Delta Avengers to cease hostility against the government while embracing dialogue, noting that Nigeria, which is currently engaged with too many battles, cannot afford to start another one with militants in the oil producing areas of the federation

He declared: ” With the moral decay in the present day society and church, there is need for another Daniel.
“In this generation, when relativism is ravaging the very foundation of the Christian faith from within and diverse persecution from without, who will dare to be a DANIEL”